Clash Royale: Level 14 is coming soon to the game

King's level cap increases as a part of the Slash Royale event

In a tweet about the ongoing Slash Royale event in their popular strategy title Clash Royale, developer Supercell just confirmed that the King’s Level cap would finally be increased from level 13 to level 14 in the game. Here’s what is in store for players.

Slash Royale: A first of its kind event

Clash Royale players would already be familiar with the Slash Royale event which began on October 18 and will run till October 26. The event is the first of its kind in the game’s history and allows players to upgrade their cards and earn gold at greatly reduced or “slashed” prices. Every card a player upgrades in the game will cost half of its regular gold price. The same applies to all-star levels.

If you are still broke and don’t have as much gold as you’d like to go on a shopping spree then fear not, for the event also a massive gold rush wherein players can earn up to 200,000 in gold depending on their arena level. Additionally, players can also earn up to 50,000 via daily gifts that pop up in the shop over the duration of the one-week event. Players also have a chance to earn up to 50k in the Golden Mirror Challenge and around 25k in the Triple Elixir Global Tournament.

Clash Royale Slash Royale event, Clash Royale Level 14
Clash Royale Slash Royale event

Clash Royale Level 14 upgrade

Of course, this sort of information wouldn’t be new to you if you follow the game religiously. However, in a tweet earlier today, Supercell confirmed that they would be increasing the king’s level cap which is sure to give fans room to get excited. Some fans speculate that this increase was the reason behind the madness of the Slash Royale event as well.

While details are still scarce on what level 14 could actually mean, Supercell mentioned that they would reveal more details in the coming days/weeks. The level upgrade is expected to drop along with the autumn update.

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