Clash Royale Slash Royale event: Here’s how to earn over 300k Gold

Gold was never this easy to earn!

A new event Slash Royale is opening its doors today in Clash Royale, a real-time strategy video game developed and published by Supercell Games. This massive event has started on October 18 (Monday) and will end on October 26 (Tuesday). During the event period, players will be getting their hands on up to 300,000 gold based on their arena level.

Slash Royale event: Everything you need to know

This is going to be a “never seen before” event, which players may consider as a prelude to the update from Clash Royale. This will be the first time the Clash Royale community will witness an event like this for the upcoming nine days, every card will cost half the regular Gold price! This is similar to the Hammer Jam event in Clash of Clans where every building upgrade cost is given a 50% discount. The event was announced in a dramatic way, where the players followed the hashtag #RoyaleScrolls to discover the news of the events coming into the game.

How to earn 300K Gold from Clash Royale Slash Royale event

With a lucrative 300K Gold for players to grab, the event is a must to participate. Here’s how you can earn that much gold from the “Slash Royale” event in Clash Royale.

ArenaTraining CampGoblin StadiumBone PITBarbarian BowlPekka’s PlayhouseSpell ValleyBuilders WorkshopRoyal ArenaFrozen PeakJungle ArenaHog MountainElectro ValleySpooky TownRascal’s HideoutSerenity PeakLegendary Arena
Trophy Range00300600100013001600200023002600300034003800420046005000
Maximum Rewards (Gold)20k20k30k40k50k60k70k80k90k100k140k150k160k175k200k200k
Data credits – RoyaleAPI
  • Play the Great Gold Rush. You can earn up to 200,000 Gold depending on the arena you’re playing on. There are 15 arenas in total, and destroying a tower will reward from 400 to 40,000 gold.
  • Claim the daily gifts. They’ll appear in the shop and the total accumulation of the gifts are as much as 50K gold.
  • Golds can be also earned by playing challenges. Participate in the Golden Mirror Challenge worth over 50K gold. The Triple Elixir Global Tournament is worth 25K gold.
clash royale, slash royale
Image via Supercell

Other benefits of the event

The reward list doesn’t stop here because for the first time ever, players can buy Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary books by using gems from the multiple book offers. Besides, all the upgrades and Star Level upgrades will be cut in half. For example, if a card cost 50K previously, it will be 25K now.

We thank RoyaleAPI for providing us with extra information that was not easily available to extract from the in-game event.

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