Clash Royale Season 2: Hidden features that have arrived

Clash Royale Season 2 has arrived globally yesterday. And with this, a bunch of new features has come. Some of them are known to the community and some of them are hidden inside. So, today in this article We will talk about thoroughly analyze the Clash Royale Season 2 update.


shipwrecked arena, clash royale

Sun, sea, sand, shipwrecked! The new season has brought the gamers a theme of a Shipwreck Island. The tower skin is based on sandcastle and the emote is based on the pirate

Features and Perks of Clash Royale Season 2

Clash royale season 2

The features and perks of this new season are almost the same as the Clash Royale season 1. A player will get extra perks of 40,000 gold, 6 lightning chests with common cards, 3 lightning chests with rare cards, 4 lightning chests with epic and 1 legendary chest. The pass holder will also get one common, rare, epic and legendary token. And not to mention, season 2 exclusive sandcastle themed tower skin and pirate emote, unlimited entries in the events.

Clash Royale Season 2 events

The season 2 will probably feature 4 events. But there could be more! The 4 events are –

  • Wall Breakers Island Rush
  • Goblin Barrel Draft
  • FireBall Challenge
  • Take to the skies

Difference between Season 1 and Season 2

The main difference is the total time. Season 1 was of 35 days and Season 2 is of 28 days. There is not any big difference in the perks except the position of the legendary chest for the pass holders has been changed this time. In season 1, both the legendary chests were at the 35th level. This time, pass holders will get the legendary chest at the 5th level.

Main change lies with the Balance Update

Clash Royale Season 2

6 cards are getting major change with the season 2 balance update. The Magic Archer and Pekka are getting a good buff while the overused Barbabrian barrel is getting a huge nerf. The barbarian barrel will no longer kill a princess in the tournament level. Lumber Jack is also getting a little nerf. The new legendary, Fisherman is getting a range buff. The full details are in the photo below!

clash royale season 2
Image Courtesy – RoyaleAPI

How this new balance changes will affect the game?

Barbarian Barrel had become a common card for most of the decks. It used to offer great value for the elixir. So, probably after this update, many of the players will be looking for a replacement. The log is a good replacement anytime. The new legendary Fisherman is yet to become very useful. The range buff may make him survive from Lighting but he is yet to get into the meta. The damage buff of Magic Archer will surely make him more versatile in the arena battles now. If you face the Magic Archer more frequently now, don’t be surprised. And Pekka? She just became more powerful.

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