Clash Royale Season 27 and Q3 Autumn balance changes update is announced

Season 27 to start on 6 September with some exciting events

Clash Royale just announced its Q3 2021 Autumn update as well as Season 27. With a new season knocking at the door, this update will bring some new features to the game. There will be exciting events and a huge 16 changes throughout Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Summer update 2021 brought some new additions such as The Goblin Drill card, permanent game modes, new arenas, and other balance changes. This update will bring more according to the blog post.

Clash Royale Season 27 and Q3 2021 Autumn update will bring the first global tournament

The new season of Clash Royale is not far away. The season will go live on Monday, September 6, 2021. With exciting rewards for the players, The Clash Royale team has also prepared a new Arena for it, The Executioner’s Kitchen. Clash Royale said they’ll announce more tomorrow. However, we only got to watch a sneak peek of the Arena so far.

Clash Royale new Arena- Executioner's Kitchen
Clash Royale new Arena- Executioner’s Kitchen

Executioner Draft, Mega Touchdown, Triple Draft, and Sudden Death Challenges will be available for players to complete and obtain rewards. The first Global Tournament will come into play on 11 September, followed by a Double Elixir Global Tournament on 24 September. There will also be some great offers in the shop for people who wish to progress a little faster.

Clash Royale Q3 2021 balance changes

Tesla (nerf)Lifetime: (35sec > 30sec)
Bomb Tower (buff) Lifetime: (25sec > 30sec)
Guards (buff) Damage: (+12%)
Night Witch (buff) – Bats no longer spawn when destroyed
– First Bat Spawn: (4sec > 1sec)
– Spawn Rate: (7sec > 5sec)
Mother Witch (nerf) Hitpoints: (-4%)
Poison (buff)Enemy Movement Speed: Slowed (-15% Speed)
Electro Giant (nerf) Hitpoints: (-4%)
Bomber (nerf) Attack Range: (-0.5 tiles)
Hunter (buff) First Attack: (+0.2sec)
Fire Spirit (nerf) Damage Radius: (2500->2300)
Tombstone (buff) Skeleton Spawn: (+1 once destroyed)
Royal Giant (nerf) First Attack: (+0.2sec Slower)
Goblin (adjust)Spawn Distance: Goblins will now spawn with some distance between each other
Giant Snowball (buff) Pushback: (1500 > 1800)
Goblin Drill (nerf) Goblin Spawn: -1 Goblin Spawned when destroyed
Royal Hogs (buff) Damage: (+6%)

Vote for party mode challenges

As the vote to select a Boosted Card system was very popular among the community, the game is again letting players decide what cards should be boosted. Players will vote on 3 party mode challenges per week and the winning card will be put into the rotation for seven days during the month. The categories are as follows.

  • September 3rd: Classic 1v1 Modes
  • On September 10th: Spawner Modes
  • September 17th: 1v1 Capture Modes
  • and on September 24th: 2v2 Modes

Previous updates were only focused on new/mid-level players to help them progress. The last update added magical items, the influx of Gold, and other features, but, that didn’t satisfy the high-level players at all. To ensure the best gameplay experience possible, there will be a maintenance break after Clash Royale Season 27 is live. The game is claiming that this update will change the experience in a way that players didn’t experience or see before.

What is your opinion on the new upcoming Q3 update of Clash Royale? Mention it in the comment section below!

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