Clash Royale Summer 2021 update: Trophy road extension, New arenas, cards, and more

What's new this Summer in Clash Royale?

Just like the summer, Clash Royale’s summer special update is here with lots of new stuff like a new card, more ways of earn gold, clan wars changes, new arenas, etc. As expected, Supercell did focus on improvising the overall game as well as bringing some new and interesting updates that might interest the fans. In this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming summer update 2021 of Clash Royale. The date of this update will most likely be 7th June, when the current season ends.

Clash Royale Summer update 2021

Major updates

In this section, we are going to discuss the big and significant add-ons and the changes which will take place in the summer update.

Trophy road extension

The current trophy road is ending at 7000 trophies. After this update, extra 1000 trophies will be added and the road will be 8000 trophies long. This will surely make sure that players invest more time in the game.

New additional Arenas

In the summer update, two new arenas will be added to the game. These arenas are ‘Rascal’s Hideout‘ and ‘Serenity Peak‘. The addition of new arenas will surely bring more versatility into the game.

Clash Royale Summer update 2021
New Arenas: Rascal’s hideout and Serenity Peak

Trophy loss change

After this update, players will lose fewer trophies after the season reset. From the ‘Champion’ league, 30 percent of the total trophy count will be reduced. Before, the rate was 50 percent. Also, from ‘Master one’ league to ‘Master three’ league the trophy reduction rate will be 40 percent of the total trophy count, earlier it was 50 percent.

Gold Crates and Pass Royale update

From this season, players will have multiple ways to earn more golds, and also get to claim rewards quicker in Pass Royale. Here is how:

Gold crates

Players who are above king level 11 will get gold crates from battles. There will be three variants and they’ll unlock at three, eight, and twelve hours respectively. The longer the opening time, the greater rewards will be in the crates.

Gold Crates from Battles

Shorter Pass Royale

The number of crowns required to complete a Pass Royale tier is reduced. Some levels will be unlocked just after gaining five trophies. Also, the bonus gold feature, where the player earns gold after completing the Pass Royale also got a change. From next season, the gold count will be 25000, earlier it was 10000.

Clan Wars II updates

Clan wars II also got few changes. We are going to discuss those changes in this section.

  • Fame will now be called Medals.
  • Clan wars II are now split into Training days and Battle days.
  • At the end of each battle day, war chests will be rewarded to every clan based on their position on the river. Medals earned are totalled, transformed into Movement Points, and the Clan with the most Medals will move their boat the furthest.

Clash Royale Summer update 2021: New additions

New card: The Goblin Drill

In this update, a new card will be added to the game. ‘The Goblin Drill‘ is a four elixir epic card, which unlocks in Arena 13. This card can go underground like the miner and pops out at the desired spot. After destroyed, it leaves 3 extra goblins to continue the fight.

Clash Royale Summer update 2021
New card: The Goblin Drill

Other add ons

  • More permanent game modes are now added to friendly and clan battles.
  • Players now will be able to use the randomizer to get a random tower skin each battle.
  • Players will now be able to go backwards in the battle replays.

The deck slots number is now increased to ten, previously it was five.

Clash Royale Summer update 2021: Balance changes

Clash Royale Summer update 2021: Balance changes

The significant balance changes of the cards are discussed here:

Elite Barbarians

  • Sight range increased by nine percent.


  • Furnace will now spawn one reworked Fire Spirit.
  • Two extra waves will happen every 7 seconds.
  • Lifetime is reduced by two percent.

Fire Spirit

  • Elixir cost reduced to 1 from 2.
  • Unit count reduced to 1 from 3.
  • Damage increased by six percent.
  • Hotpoint increased by 109 percent.
  • Jump range increased by 25 percent.
  • Damage radius increased by 47 percent.

Rascal Girl

  • Rascal girl’s first hit time is now reduced to 0.8 seconds from 1 second.

Giant Skeleton

  • Doubled death damage to towers.


  • Hit speed increased by ten percent.

Cannon Cart

  • Hit speed in the destroyed state increased by ten percent.


  • Golem death damage reduced by 28 percent.

Ice Wizard

  • Hitpoint reduced by three percent, which means the Ice Wizard will now die to a fireball.

Are you excited about the Clash Royale Summer 2021 update? Let us know in the comments below.

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