Clash Royale Season 4: Everything you need to know!

Supercell recently announced Clash Royale Season 4 “Shocktober”. Since we’re in October, it is going to be an Halloween themed season! Let’s see what they are going to add and all the changes that we’re going to see!

clash royale season 4

New arena and brand new card!

A new arena is going to substitute Legendary Arena for Clash Royale Season 4! It is going to be a “spooky” themed arena (much different from Arena 12 “Spooky Town”). Elixir is flooding on the whole arena because of a big meteor which crushed into the ground!

new arena

In addition to this new arena, we also have a brand new card: the Elixir Golem! It is going to be a rare card, unlockable in Arena 12, with a very interesting mechanic. It costs 3 elixirs, but, upon death, it gives 4 elixir back to your opponent! It’s like a Golem, which splits in Golomites (and, later, in blobs) when it dies. Its stats are worth 7 elixirs, but you can deploy it for only 3! Just be aware of the counter-push!

new card

New skins, new emotes, new challenges!

As it’s now habit since a couple of months, in this new Clash Royale season we’re going to find a lot of new cosmetics as well as new rewards for our Pass Royale!

  • New “Jack-o’-Lantern” Tower Skin at tier 10 of the Pass Royale;
  • New Poco (from Brawl Stars) emote at tier 20 of the Pass Royale;
season 4 tower skin

Other than that, we’re also going to have two new game modes in the form of Special Challenges. These are going to be the following:

  • Ghost Parade: very similar to the other “dash” challenges. We have Royal Ghosts getting into the arena from both sides of the map, while elixir ramps-up during the match;
  • Grave Guards: Guards start spawning in both sides of the arena. They’ll always spawn in front of the towers, trying to defend as much as possible.

These game-modes will also be available in the new Party Mode which dropped a few days ago!

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New season, new balance changes!

As every new season, we also have brand new balance changes that will go live on October 7th. We don’t have the exact data yet, but they’ll surely announce it before the season drops. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Witch: will now spawn four Skeletons around her (not in front), no more Skeletons at death, damage increase by A LOT, and hit speed reduced;
  • Night Witch: spawns four Bats at death (instead of two);
  • Fisherman: health and damage reduced (can no longer one-shot Goblins);
  • Wall Breakers: they now cost 2 elixirs and deal less damage;
  • Hunter: damage increased;
  • Snowball: deals less knockback to troops.

Many people suggested an Executioner nerf as well, but it looks like we won’t have it this season. The new Witch looks absolutely interesting, and we can’t wait to see how it will go into the arena!

balance changes

Remember that the seasonal Pass Royale only costs 5$ and gives you a lot of advantages, like a whole lot of seasonal rewards, the ability to queue chests and the possibility to retry special challenges for free!

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