Clash Royale Season 47 ‘Books of Clash’ May 2023 Update and Balance Changes

A new season, more fun!

The month of May has arrived and so has the new Clash Royale season. Season 47 goes the book way as the Books of Clash May 2023 update has come with some exciting features arriving at Clash Royale. Alongside the usual new skins for towers, new emotes, banner box items, and the Season Shop rewards, a new Super Champion is in the house. So, in this article, we shall walk through the details of the upcoming update.

Clash Royale Season 47 Books of Clash Update details

The battles for the current season will be ongoing in the previous Legendary Hog Mountain Arena 10. The name might not follow the theme, but it will surely follow the new Champion card added.

New Super Champion Event

A new Super Champion is coming to the game, who is a variant of the Hog Rider himself. Named Terry, he plays like a regular Hog Rider save for his ability Hoggy Height, in which he throws himself to the sky and drops down to deliver area damage, somewhat similar to the Mega Knight. Terry’s deployment costs 4 elixirs and requires 1 elixir to activate his ability.

Super Champion Hog Rider
Image via Supercell

While being the protagonist of the upcoming Books of Clash graphic novel series, Terry will also appear in a new Super Champion event, so interested players should head over to the game if they want to try the brand-new champion and test him out on the arena.

New Tower Skins

Just like in regular seasons, two new Tower Skins are now available. It will follow a similar pattern, with one featuring in the Pass Royale and the other as a Shop purchase. The Gold Tier of the Pass Royale unlocks the Hog Head tower skin at Tier 48, while the Book Barricade tower skin can be bought from the shop.

New Tower Skins Season 47
Image via Supercell

The theme of the Hog Head is the Hog Rider himself, just like the name suggests. The design is leaned towards the Hog Rider’s face, where it is designed to give an angry look. The skin in the shop is book-themed, where the King Tower has three books stacked while the Princess Tower has a book full of pages turned upside down.

Emotes and Banners

Five new emotes will be making their way to the game which will follow the Books of Clash Theme. With one Hog and four Rider emotes, they are very expressive and add to the fun of battles. Overall, the number is pretty low, and with this season, there could have been more impressive emotes added.

Season 47 Emotes
Image via Supercell

As far as Banner Items are considered, players can get their hands on 40 brand-new banners that are available this season. Sixteen banners each will be featured in the Banner Box and the regular shop, where the Season Shop will have four, while Pass Royale and pre-ordering the box will fetch two each. The collection is pretty decent, and many of the players will like it.

Season Shop and Card Boosts

The Season Shop has once again come with some interesting offers up for grabs, which can be availed by the exchange of season tokens. Along with the cards on offer, banners, and emotes are also interesting purchases to have. Barbarians, Hog Rider, and Ram Rider are the cards that will be available for purchase, with the Monk, Hog Rider, and Ram Rider being the boosted cards for the season. So make sure to head to the events and grab those tokens at the earliest!

Balance Changes

This month, there are no balance changes. So, players can enjoy their cards and decks without worrying about the drop in winrate or performance.

Volume 1 of Books of Clash novel is now available to pre-order

The theme is inspired by the Books of Clash series, which is an eight-volume graphic novel set in the worlds of both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The first book, Volume 1, follows Terry, a young Hog Rider, and his high-flying hog Pim Pim on an odyssey full of legendary battles, unlikely new alliances, and unforgivable family betrayals.

The book has been designed by graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang. Volume 1 will be available on May 30th. Interested users can now pre-order Volume 1 here. The book is available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

That’s all for the Books of Clash update details. If anything in addition to this is announced, we’ll be sure to update this space, so keep an eye out!

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Season 47 Books of Clash update? Let us know in the comments below!

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