Clash Royale Season 5: All you need to know about ‘Great Goblin Feast’

Clash Royale Season 5 is starting on November 4. Like all other new seasons, it is coming with a new arena, new emotes and much more. In season 4 players experienced the spooky Halloween themed items and this time it is going to be based on Goblins, named as “Great Goblin Feast”. So let’s see what’s new!

New Tower Skin

clash royale season 5
Clash Royale Season 5

After reaching rank 10, Pass Royale Players will unlock the new Goblin Tower, once obtained it will be yours forever!

New Goblin themed arena

The Legendary Arena is having a Party!

The new legendary arena looks amazing! It is based on the goblin theme. It seems like the arena has enough greenery inside it.

New Emotes

Tier 20 will award you with the first Dart Goblin’s emote ever, the animation seems bugged, it will probably be fixed in the future. We also have a new Giant Goblin emote, rocking at the end of the Megatouchdown challenge starting in a few days!

New Challenges

Clash Royale new draft system has finally made his debut with the Triple Draft Challenge. Players will now be able to choose 1 of 3 cards every round up to 8 cards and the discarded cards won’t go to the opponent. While choosing, both players can view the opponent card possibilities, but not the picked one.

That’s not it! Mega Touchdown has landed in the Arena. It’s a fusion between Touchdown and Mini deck, players will have at their disposal 18 cards, making the craziest mode even crazier!


Supercell changed their mind on tiebreakers, they are now coming to 1v1 ladder too! This update will surely impact many types of decks, it is now officially impossible to end up a match with a tie.

Touchdown Draft Improvement

Draft choices have been improved. Now it gives players at least 1 fast unit and 1 or more building. Also, Elixir has been adjusted to 100% from 70%.

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That’s all the news we have for now, are you going to buy the season pass this month? How do you feel about the new changes? Let us know in the comments! or you are always welcome to join our Discord community and have some insightful conversations.

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