Clash Royale Season 5 Balance changes revealed: What’s happening?

Season 4 of Clash Royale is about to end. As Clash Royale season 5 approaches we have got info on the upcoming balance changes. This new balance change is going to shake the meta a lot. But is your deck to be affected by this new balance changes that are coming on November 4th? Let’s find out!

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1. Witch

The Witch is getting a massive nerf, we knew it was coming and It’s here now. She’s no longer an AoE unit, her attacks speed has been lowered. The first skeleton spawn has been increased considerably and she has 100% more mass. According to CR staff, the Witch is now more valuable the more she stays alive but she’s much weaker against bridge spam and immediate threats. The mass increase will also make sure the skeleton that spawns behind her doesn’t push her forward, ultimately increasing her overall speed.

2. Elixir Golem

The elixir golem is getting a nerf to hitpoints in all his forms. The reason behind this is to reduce the huge value each form granted to the user. Particularly the blobs and the damage they did to buildings.

3. Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers are getting a nerf to their damage and blast radius. The tiny skeletons will still provide too much value for the cost. But now they should be more balanced.

4. Fisherman

The Fisherman is getting another nerf with Clash Royale season 5 balance changes. His hook range has been reduced. And he will need an additional 0.1 second to launch it. According to these changes, it will be much harder for him to pull big troops to king tower. On offense, he’ll be slower in pulling enemy defense, making him less of a threat.

5. Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon is getting a nerf to his hitpoints. This will make it more balanced with other splashers. The Baby Dragon popularity has always been high even after Magic Archer and Executioner reworks. The questions remain, will this nerf make it a less favorable choice?


The Executioner

The axe thrower is getting another modify to his range and radius, he’ll now have a 5 max radius from 4.5 at a cost of a 20 radius. This changes makes him much stronger when paired with tornado or behind a tank.


Barbarian Barrel

The barbarian barrel is getting some love this month, his damage has been increased to allow him to remove guards’s shield. It wont kill Princess nor Dart Goblin unless he’s one level above them.

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Final Verdict about Clash Royale Season 5 Balance changes

The changes are surely going to shift the meta once again, we’ll definitely see the return of the barbarian barrel in many decks, making him a viable alternative to the Log. Executioner will surely receive a lot of love from the community this season, making him a very strong card against swarms and increasing the usage of the very popular Hog Nado. About the nerf, we should wait for the beginning of Clash Royale season 5 to verify how much of a big impact they are going to give. While the Witch became very popular during season 4, will she still be a viable option? Stay tuned for Clash Royale Season 5 reveal as it is coming soon!

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