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COD Mobile Certificates are introduced for reporting the cheaters in the game

As a further step to improving and promoting its Anti-Cheat System, Call of Duty Mobile has come up with a new way to engage more and more gamers to be a part of this process. COD mobile Certificates are introduced by Activision in the official discord channel of COD Mobile. Here in this article, we will give you the details on what are the COD Mobile certificates and how can you get them.

What are COD Mobile certificates

These certificates are a new way to earn rewards and of course, certificates (in the form of roles in the discord server). The next question that arises is what types of certificates can you get? There are basically 3 types of certificates which you will be able to earn by reporting the hackers:

  • First level Reporting
  • Second level Reporting
  • Third level Reporting

There are multiple levels to each certificate, so you can always work to continue leveling up. However once you have earned a certificate, it does not go away (unless you are kicked or banned from the discord channel). Furthermore, once more certificates have been added, you also have the option to try and earn those. After you get all the levels of COD Mobile certificates, your profile would look like this:

COD mobile Certificates

How to earn the COD Mobile Certificates

It depends completely on the type of certificate. For example, one can earn a Reporting certificate, by consistently reporting hackers to the Anti-Cheat team. There are not, and will not be any specific requirements for earning these. The certificates are given after the assigned Discord staffs have agreed that a person has really earned one.

How can you report cheaters on the discord channel?

You can fill the cheater-reports section on the official discord channel. The channel does have a dedicated TiMi Studios anti-cheat team that will check cheater-reports daily collecting reports. After that, they will tag stuff with emotes once they’ve seen it for “post has been seen” and “confirm banned”.

But before that, it is the responsibility of the reporter to make sure to provide the following info on the channel for better escalation of the process:

  • Screenshots/Video
  • Usernames and User ID (if available)
  • Date and time of the reported match
  • What do you think the person is suspected of like aim-bot, out of map glitch, etc.

When does this process start?

The process of giving COD Mobile Certificates for reporting hackers and cheaters have already started in the official discord channel. You can simply head over there and follow the instructions mentioned above to contribute your part to make this game completely cheater-free.

What do you think about Activision introducing COD Mobile certificates? Drop your opinions in the comments section below. Also, feel free to ask any questions related to this. We’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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