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COD Mobile Garena is hosting the first ever Call of Duty Mobile tournament

After a blasting entry into the mobile gaming market, Call of Duty Mobile is planning to get into the mobile esports scene. Recently Call of Duty Mobile Garena announced Call of Duty Mobile Mission One, the first-ever Call of Duty Mobile tournament for Thailand. The prize pool is 200,000 Bhat which comes as 6610 US Dollar.

Prize pool breakdown of COD Mobile Mission One

  • Winner – 100,000 Bhat (3305 USD)
  • 1st runner up – 50,000 Bhat (1652 USD)
  • 2nd runner up – 25,000 Bhat and 25,000 Bhat worth of prizes

Who all can participate in this Call of Duty Mobile tournament?

The tournament is only available for the players of Thailand. However, it is just the start, so we might see COD Mobile tournaments in other regions as well.

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More information

  • The whole tournament is divided into one online and one offline round.
  • Tournament will be happening in 5v5 team deathmatch mode.
  • The limit will be either 100 kills or 10 minutes
  • In case of a tie, an additional limit will be added that is either 60 kills or 5 minutes.
  • If there is a change or edit the competition details, the team will notify contestants via the Garena Call of Duty Mobile Thailand Facebook page.
  • Applications are open until 29 October 2019

Tournament rules (From the official website)

The team will draw lots to divide the competition. Each team will compete in 1 game of Best of 1 (BO1). 

The competition will consist of 1 game. 

The team will determine the map.

The match ends when one team scores 100 kill points or when the match finishes 10 minutes. 

The winning team is determined by the number of Kill points and which team with the most Kill points is considered the winner.

If the contestants in both teams have tied points Both teams must compete in another game until they win the team (60 Kill / 5 minutes per round, Guerrilla Squad / Red For Special).

The match will be considered final when the final result of the game is obtained.

The team that competes through the 8 finalists will be eligible to compete in the offline (offline). 

For more information about Call of Duty Mobile Mission One, please visit here.

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