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Call of Duty Mobile Facebook login problem: Here’s how to fix it

Call of Duty Mobile took over the whole mobile gaming market in a week. The game created records that will hardly be touched in the next couple of years. The game has already bagged more than 100 Million downloads and its growing rapidly. But just like the other games, this game also brought in some issues. Recently, players are reporting about the Facebook login problem in Call of Duty Mobile. But the good thing is, we got a solution to this burning problem! So let us take a look at those.

So how do I fix Call of Duty Mobile Facebook login problem?

Many players are reporting various issues regarding Facebook login. Some players said that they are facing issues with login while a few have reported about the friendliest not showing up. If you are facing any of them, continue reading to find the solution.

If you are facing the issue with getting into the game with Facebook login

  1. Go to settings
  2. Clear your Facebook app cache
  3. Open the Facebook app and login
  4. Open Call of Duty Mobile and login to the game again

This should fix the problem. If you still face this, I’ll suggest you to reinstall Call of Duty Mobile.

If you are facing the issue that does not show your Facebook friendslist inside Call of Duty Mobile

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Go to apps and websites
  3. Navigate to active apps and websites
  4. Select Call of Duty Mobile and make sure the friendliest option is enabled
  5. Navigate to the visibility of the app
  6. Change the filter to friends
  7. Save the settings

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Now you’ll be able to see your Facebook friends in Call of Duty Mobile. However, if you are unable to find a particular friend inside the game, please check if your friend is playing the same version of Call of Duty Mobile.

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Problem isn’t fixed. It goes back to the login page after I press login.

Abdul Ali Fahimi

I had logged into the game with facebook and no cod account. then i created a cod account and couldn’t get to link to my facebook account!


i joined the game with Facebook account now i can not log in with this account .
it says can not match any account .

Dan negru

The same problem i connect with the xbox account and i push by mistake the unlink, and after i want to link again the old account they told me i need a activision account ! Pls help me with the problem!


I have 2 Facebook account I logged in with my 2nd account now whenever I try to login with my actual account it says Authorization error

Probal Datta

Yes, it will say so. Because you cannot have multiple logins from the same user. It is banned. Don’t try it further or else your account can get banned


My facebook has been hacked. My email, password, and phone number were deleted by the hacker. To log in to codm, I need my facebook because that’s where my codm is connected. What should I do? I want to open and play in codm but my facebook is hacked. I don’t have an Activision account and a garena account. Only my facebook is connected in my codm. Do you have a solution for a situation like this? or if you know how to log in using UID please share it to me. Thank you.

juan A

i need some help my facebook got disabled and my call of duty account was saved there how can i get it back


My Facebook is linked to COD and now it won’t let me in. I’ve reinstalled both apps, cleared caches. But when I try to login it says that I’ve tried to many times…but how can that be if it is the first time! Oh and of course COD support wants my Activision id which I don’t have. Also there is no customer service available…Suggestions


call of duty mobile facebook account blocked how to open


I’m unable to login with Facebook after clearing cache nd reinstalling codm its frustrating it’s not even responding at all


Don’t be so dumb to listen to anyone claiming they are good because most of them can’t do nothing! found this man on Facebook who directed me to a Russian bohdanbohdan93 at mail . ru and since then i was able to recover my business hacked accounts and having not to worry anymore is such a blessing please be careful so many fake comment sounding deceitfully true

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