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COD Mobile: How to unlock and equip Kilo 141 weapon for free

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 2022 is packed with cool and exciting content which keeps on bringing players to the game. This game overall features a lot of weapons for the players to place in their loadouts. The various kinds of weapons in the game range from rifles to knives. Since COD Mobile is an FPS game the weapons that are always in demand are rifles. And to keep the flow going, a new assault rifle named Kilo 141 is now available in the Kilo 141: Locked and Loaded seasonal challenge event in COD Mobile. Therefore, players must complete all the tasks to unlock this new assault rifle.

The Kilo 141 is a highly versatile and powerful rifle, with 29 damage to the body and 42 damage to the head, along with an above-average fire rate. With these stats, the Kilo can dominate mid-range and close range, being a formidable weapon.

How to unlock the Kilo 141 weapon for free in COD Mobile

Players can unlock the Kilo 141 by completing all the tasks in the Kilo 141: Locked and Loaded seasonal challenge of Call of Duty Mobile. The Kilo 141 is the last reward while players can get a lot of other in-game skins, battle pass XP, and credits by completing the challenges.

COD Mobile Kilo 141
Kilo 141: Locked and Loaded seasonal challenge event in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)

The challenges to be completed are as follows:

  • Fire 500 Bullets in MP Matches: 5 Epic Weapon Cards and 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 30 enemies in MP Matches: 200 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 50 enemies with any Assault rifle: MK2 – Artbeat and 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 35 enemies with any KRM-262 equipped with 5 attachments: 10 Epic Weapon Cards and 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 20 enemies with any KRM 262 equipped with the Gung-Ho perk: Fine Five spray and 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Win 5 matches with any KRM-262 equipped: Kilo 141 weapon and 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies with headshots using any Kilo 141: Close Combat calling card and 3000 Battle Pass XP

Note that these tasks must be completed in chronological order for them to complete. Players must follow these steps to unlock the D13 Sector. Now, let us move on to equipping it.

How to equip Kilo 141 in your Loadout

To test out the Kilo 141 once it has been unlocked, players will have to equip it in their loadout. It can be equipped in both Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

From the game’s main menu, go to Loadout, located at the bottom next to Clan

  • Players must choose a loadout, with which you want to equip the Kilo 141.
  • Clicking on the secondary slot and then click on Assault Rifles.
  • In Battle Royale, they must head to Loadout and then Battle Royale. Click on the Customise Airdrop Weapon option. This will be followed by scrolling down on the left side to Pistols. Quick Equip the D13 Sector.

Have you unlocked the Kilo 141 weapon in COD Mobile yet? Drop-in your opinions about the weapon in the comments section below!

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