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COD Mobile Operator Skills ranked: From Best to Worst

Choose the best which suites you!

Ever since the launch of Call Of Duty Mobile, the game has created hype all over the world.  The game has a varied range of firearms in the game both for the Multiplayer as well as the Battle Royale section. Out of these two modes, Multiplayer mode allows players to have a perfectly composed loadout with guns, utilities, and perks. More than that, players can also choose various Operator Skills, which are an elementary part of the game. Today in this article, we will talk about all the operator skills in COD Mobile and rank all of them from the best to the worst.

What are Operator Skills in COD Mobile

Operator skills are specialized weapons that can boost up a player’s performance in the game. The game has some criteria that you have to complete in order to unlock each of the 15 operator skills in Call of Duty Mobile. Hence, evolve yourself as a good player and you will eventually get all of the items on the list. Up next we have ranked the 14 Operator Skills from the best to worst as they perform in the game.

1. K9 Unit

The K9 Unit was released in COD Mobile as one of the new Operator Skills. It was added as part of the Season 5: In Deep Water update.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
K9 Unit

Like its Black Ops 4 counterpart, the K9 Unit kills in one bite. However, it is much weaker and easier to combat. It lacks the patrol ability, and will simply run around the map, attacking any enemies it detects. Also, after Season 4: Spurned and Burned update, the model used for the K9 Unit replaced the zombies of the Clown Battle Royale class.

2. Purifier

The purifier is the first operator on the list of operator skills released in the game. It is very good and helpful for those who play aggressively. It is deadly within 12 meters range. One hit from this operator skill, with the tick damage, will bring the player down to 1-5 hit HP. This is considered favorable to those players who use it while playing aggressively. Also, two shots will definitely destroy the opponent completely.

COD Mobile Operator Skills

If you get in contact with the flame you blew, then you could die but the opponent will die too. It can take out ground-based score streaks but a turret will take around 15 to 20 rounds to take out airborne streaks which is obviously, the player cannot hit. In battle royale, the purifier is very lethal but again, the range is limited to 12 m. If you get stuck with many opponents around then, with this you can have a quick fix.

You can always use your calculative skills and get yourself out of the range of 12 m if you want to survive. It did have a legendary version which is the H2O. This is the same as Purifier but it basically turns into a water cannon instead of a flamethrower.

3. H.I.V.E

This one might be on the top of the favorite list of most of the players who camp and snipe. It is similar to trip mines, you have got to place these around blind corners though because they are quite visible, they do stand down if you find yourself face to face against a team of rushers then this can be helpful. Furthermore, it was both buffed and nerfed a bit in season 4.

COD Mobile Operator Skills

The damage tick is quicker but nowadays, each tick does less damage. When you die, the mines die with you otherwise they last for a min. The activation to the death of the player that runs over it is about 800 milliseconds. It is less destructive to the player and highly destructive to the enemies.

4. Bull Charge

Technically, it is the fastest mobility operator but that is part of its feature. It is capable of destroying score streaks but, it is not sure that it will always destroy them. It harms about 20 damage to a goliath. You will be protected from the front but any hits to your legs or at your back will throw you as a toast, on the ground.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
Bull Charge

Now, if there is something interesting about it, then that would be a bull charge versus bull charge. Moreover, Season 4 saw a bit of a nerf to the charge time, still, 20 secs is fine. Also, each kill that you get with this, will take 5 secs off from that active time. If you get a kill with the last bit of charge, you will get a 10-charge bonus.

Also, interestingly, if this goes into a wall or a scorestreak, you can get up to about 50 charges so what an overrated recommendation would be that when you are coming near the end of the time, just go and smash it into a wall and get yourself awarded with some charge bonus.

5. Equalizer

COD Mobile Operator Skills

The equalizer is a good to mediocre operator skill. Players love to choose this but only for a close range of less than 15-20 meters. Season 4 saw a lot of lovers to this for the close-range damage with 46 per two shots. This means hitting 23 per gun for both of them. It is 31 rounds per second and around 1900 rounds per minute. This operator skill is best for close range and it does severe damage to the opponent.

6. Death Machine

Death Machine is one of the deadliest operator skills in COD Mobile. It is ridiculously accurate at crazy ranges and it’s almost like, having an old chopper metal as an operator with better accuracy molded into one. It is mind-blowing at killing all scorestreaks and finishing all the enemies. The accuracy improvement of Death Machine is really quick and the reload time is really fast. In the COD Mobile season 4, the sprinter fire time was polished and penetration damage was apparently improved.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
Death Machine

The reloading time is hard to even notice with the rate of fire after the spawn is 17 rounds per second or 1020 rounds per minute which takes three shots to kill an enemy regardless of range. Hence, players might not get regretted on choosing this deadly machine.

7. Ballistic Shield

A ballistic shield is the next operator skill on the list. It is the fastest mobility arranged operator. The protection is just from the front and the sides on your back are helpless. You do have to hit flinch if you are being shot but if you’re in the ads mode then there is no-hit flinch at all.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
Ballistic Shield

Also, if placed in the hands of a decent player then it is devastating. The attacks that it can take are obscene. Even if fired 120 shots into it before the timer ran out, it won’t disappear which is brilliant. There is a melee smash function also, if you go close which replaces the knife function. 25 damage per shot, 7.7 rounds per second, 462 rounds per minute so it’s a four-round kill at 390 milliseconds. Therefore, it will fire a long-range.

8. TAK-5

This skill fits well into a supporter-type role where your whole team can get much-needed help in winning a gunfight. Using the TAK-5 heals your whole team’s base HP and then adds 50 extra points of HP to it for around 20 seconds.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
TAK-5 Operator Skill in COD Mobile

Not a really long time but most of the time it gives a good advantage to your whole team. However, one thing to make sure of is that you’re in a safe spot while you activate the skill since you’ll be left defenseless for a few seconds. 

9. Transform Shield

Transform Shield is actually the fastest charging operator. It takes 2 mins 45 secs which is absolutely brilliant for blocking off an area and forcing people to go through the area that you want. The microwave radiation at the front stretches out about 5meters and has a very fast tick damage rate– 3 to 5 tick damage.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
Transform Shield

It will not hurt you which is really nice. Transform shield has a bit of a bug that sometimes when you try to place it, it doesn’t place. But, when you do it again in the same place, it will then work, perfectly. The shield can bear a lot of attacks on it but only one grenade will wipe it out. Transform Shield is available in Battle Royale as a class which is good enough for BR lovers.

This is a defender class and doesn’t have microwave radiation, it has a flash. Now if we talk about the damage, then players don’t have to worry. It will show up as hit markers on your screen, so you will know if someone is actually at the area that you tried to block off.

10. War Machine

The War Machine’s payload travels in an arc towards targets, with direct hits being an instant kill and explosions within a few feet also typically resulting in a knockout. Firing a War Machine towards a group of enemies is a solid idea, as these explosives are deadly enough to take out a handful of enemies at once. 

Another option is to aim these grenades at explosive objects, such as cars or flammable barrels, that are near enemies. If done correctly, the War Machine will set off these explosives and send unaware hostile forces flying. 

One caveat with the War Machine is that its damage is treated as explosive, so enemies wearing a Blast Vest will have a bit more protection against these grenades. Keep this in mind when using the War Machine and be prepared to use a few extra grenades on foes wearing a Blast Vest. 

11. Shadow Blade

This is the fastest mobility operator other than bull charge. But, it can be called the best for the fastest close range. It alters into the third person and has different movement and slide-out animations. When you take it out, you smoke the area, rapidly. Any enemies or friendlies that are in smoke will show up in colors.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
Shadow Blade

Blue is for Friendlies and red is for enemies. It’s not like the smoke bomber class in BR, that is different and this smoke is different. You can throw your smoke grenades in BR. The blade of the shadow blade is one shot and locks on very perfectly to enemies.

You can kill score streaks but something big like a goliath takes about 8-10 hits. It is really good for avoiding it to destroy a goliath. Sometimes sliding of the blade might confuse the targets. Therefore, a gun is much better than this skill.

12. Kinetic Armor 

If you’re in a situation where the enemy is rapidly firing at you, this armor can help you get out of some really sticky situations. It deflects bullets away from your body along with 150 extra HP. Now it does have some caveats so you’re not completely invincible as it cannot protect you against melee weapons, headshots, incendiary and explosive rounds.

COD Mobile Season 7 2021
Kinetic Armor comes in COD Mobile

How long it works depends on how many bullets actually hit you and inflict damage. A fun fact about this operator skill is that it can actually be used to escape out of some of the maps like Hacienda without dying. 

13. Gravity Spikes

Be it Domination or hardpoint, you are going to see this all over the place. It jumps forward about 8 meters. The blast radius is about 8meters. It doesn’t go through walls and any obstacle will stop it. If the player is jumping when you land then it won’t kill them.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
Gravity Spikes

It received a bit of a nerf to the damage radius and charge time in season 4 charge times. It went from three and a half minutes to four mins. Now, the amount of charge you gain from kills is also less than went from one kill 30/35-25/30% but you gain more charge with every extra kill you get with it.

Gain enough kills and the whole thing recharges straight away. You can use it almost two times in a row. Trip mines will not kill you, so it’s really good. Moreover, it can damage scorestreaks like turrets and goliaths but it won’t kill them.

14. Sparrow

Popular with the Rambo skins at the moment, you can kill a lot of players quickly using the Sparrow. The pullback time for the full range is 400 milliseconds but you don’t have to pull back unless you are trying to cross-map someone. The aim needs to be pretty close for a one-shot kill, the splash damage is not amazing.

COD Mobile Operator Skills

It was buffed in season 4 to last longer and it lasts a good 30 secs. Now it does have a frustrating delay of 300 milliseconds from seeing and hearing the explosion to the actual death of the player which can also, get you killed but the player will die.

16. Tempest

Players have to be precise with this operator skill. It is best for eliminating whole groups for domination and hardpoint provinces. The charge will continue to be in the corpse of the player for around 5 secs even after the corpse has respawned. As someone runs that area they get hit and they can be killed or nearly killed from walking over. It depends on when and how they walk over it.

COD Mobile Operator Skills

The zoom level was remade in season 4, it’s almost like a full-time scope now. Hence, for short-range, it is rather tough to use and at a long-range, it is quite easy. This operator skill will win over score streaks but for a UAV, it seizes 3 shots. Therefore, it is not good for that. So now the hit must be on the body.

It has no splash until it hits a body. Also, it had a charge and it must be a living thing. Tempest is available in BR but the shot velocity is horrible but when it hits then vehicle downfall is possible. But if you use a gun then it would be a lot faster.

17. Munitions Box

Here’s another good operator skill for your whole team. The munitions box is a must for anyone who is generous with the amount of ammo they’re expending and you no longer have to use perks like vulture, pick up someone else’s weapon or die to get more ammo. Simply deploy the munitions box and get 5-10 more magazines depending on the weapon you’re using.

COD Mobile Season 10 2021 test server
Munitions Box in COD Mobile

It gives you quite a lot of ammo and also grenades. The box can be used by the whole team and is operational for a good while. Another lesser known feature is its tendency to blow up when being shot at. And yes, that explosion is fatal to your enemies. 

18. Annihilator

In the previous seasons, annihilator was on the top list of COD Mobile Operator Skills before it was nerfed. Nowadays, everybody isn’t using it so they might have had a lot of issues with it. Moreover, the description has also changed. It used to lock but it doesn’t lock on now.

COD Mobile Operator Skills

Nonetheless, it still destroys in one shot and from any range. It is capable of destroying all the scorestreaks. To destroy UAVs, one shot is enough. Needs two shots for a turret and four shots for a goliath. Therefore, it is still useful but not as good as it was before.

It is great at the range but the low fire rate is probable to be really bad for you, if you close up. And if your movement is on point then you are safe. It will destroy vehicles but a gun is probably going to be faster.

19. Gravity Vortex Gun

It is one of the slowest mobility operator skills in COD Mobile with a sprint speed of 4.65 m per sec. One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes while shooting through the doorway or a gap, can cause the projectile to stop in that doorway which can cause damage to you but it’s not that consistent.

COD Mobile Operator Skills
Gravity Vortex Gun

It not doing great nowadays, maybe after an update, it will cause considerable damage to scorestreaks but may take both the two shots to take them out. It doesn’t pull through walls or any obstacles at all even a pillar will stop it. Anyways, using this on a fully loaded hardpoint will disturb a team’s day.

Moreover, it cannot be avoided as if you are the target then for your life, you have to stay out of the range which is about 5meters. Also, in such a case, transform shield is very helpful.

What is your opinion about the COD Mobile Operator Skills? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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