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COD Mobile: How to unlock and equip the M13 Assault Rifle for free

Unlock the brand new deadly AR in the game

The M13 is a brand new Assault Rifle that has been introduced in COD Mobile in the Season 8 of the game. It’s got a high rate of fire and a strong headshot multiplier that makes it more lethal than some of the other Assault Rifles in the battle royale game right now. The free base version of the gun is available in the “Deadly Weaponry” Seasonal Challenge as part of the Call of Duty Mobile 8th Season 2nd-anniversary. However, a paid mythic version of the rifle that looks really awesome is available in the Dominion Mythic Draw along with a bunch of other rewards as well.

How to unlock the M13 Assault Rifle in COD Mobile for free

Players can get their hands on the gun by completing the tasks listed in the “Deadly Weaponry”. Along with the base rifle, there’s a bunch of other rewards players can get for free in the process. 

COD Mobile M13 Assault Rifle
M13 Assault Rifle

The objectives players need to complete are listed below and players have to complete them in chronological order for them to count.

  • Play 5 MP Matches– 300 Credits, 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies with any Assault Rifle– Knife-Bullet Metal, 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 30 enemies with any AK-47– Anniversary Badge– 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 30 enemies with any Assault Rifle fitted with Recommended Equipment (System Recommendation 2, ADS and Control)– LK24- Bullet Metal, 2000 Battle Pass XP (System Recommendations can be found in the gunsmith of a gun by clicking the small light bulb)
  • Kill 30 Enemies with any AK-47 equipped with any magazine attachment and 4 other attachments– Holger 26- Bullet Metal, 3000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 40 enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with 2 stickers and any charm– M13 Assault Rifle, 3000 Battle Pass XP. 
  • Win 3 MP matches with any M13 equipped with the Dragon Camo– Tourmaline Alloy, 4000 Battle Pass XP.

How to equip M13 weapon in your COD Mobile loadout

COD Mobile M13 Assault Rifle
M13 Assault Rifle loadout

To try out the M13 after unlocking it, follow the steps given below-

  • Go to Loadout from Main Menu 
  • Choose the loadout in Multiplayer in which you want to equip the M13 and click the Assault Rifle section. 
  • Scroll to the right until you get to the M13 and Quick Equip it For Battle Royale, Head to loadouts, Battle Royale, then click on Customize Airdrop Weapon option and Quick Equip M13 under Assault Rifles.

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