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COD Mobile Season 4 2023 Veiled Uprising update: New map, modes, and more

After Season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile wraps up, the COD Mobile Season 4 2023 is making waves with the debut of Ground War: Skirmish, the first hybrid mode to combine multiplayer and battle royale gameplay. Deploy to the brand-new Arsenal Multiplayer map, use the Shock Wave Battle Royale class to blast opponents, participate in World Championships 2023 at the highest levels, and more.

COD Mobile Season 4 2023 Veiled Uprising update: Key Highlights

COD Mobile Season 4 2023: Battle Pass

Together with new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and extra COD Points to use towards your subsequent Premium Pass or Store purchase, the new Battle Pass offers both free and paid stuff.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Rapid-fire OTs 9 SMG, a firecracker of an SMG first featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and unlocked at Tier 21 in the Battle Pass, is perfect for taking out enemies at close range. With the new Battle Royale Shock Wave class, available at Tier 14, push back adversaries and other dangers. Many camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the M13 — Betwixt at Tier 50 are additional free Tier highlights.

Premium Pass Tiers

Buy the Premium Pass to have access to all of the Veiled Uprising stream’s content, including ominous Operator Skins like Knight — Brute, American Bulldog — Inner Crimson, and Reaper — Style Assassin. Obtain striking and fashionable Weapon Blueprints like the PP19 Bizon — Gilded Dawn, PP19 Bizon — Gilded Dawn, Kilo 141 — Gentleman’s Calling, Man-O-War — Dial-Tone, DR-H — Harrowing Night, LAPA — Warmonger, more.

Battle Pass Subscription

By purchasing a Battle Pass Subscription, you can join the Ground Forces and receive additional awards each season, a 10% increase in player and weapon XP, as well as a few 10x crates pull discounts. The Rivas — Blight Operator Skin, the Peacekeeper MK2 — Vengeful Urge Weapon Blueprint, and the Backpack 4 — Shadowy Figurine are among the Season 4 Ground Forces awards.

COD Mobile Season 4 2023: Multiplayer updates

New Multiplayer Map: Arsenal

Arsenal, which was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, transports Operators to a production facility for weapons and robots where some of the series’ most destructive Scorestreaks have been created.

Image via Activision

As attackers rush in from all sides, including the ventilation tunnels leading in and out of the building, sneak inside the centre building and use all of your guns, gear, and Operator ability to hold your position as king of the hill. Stick to the outer perimeter and fight your opponents from a distance if you want to win at longer ranges. Operators who can successfully negotiate the narrow centre and the outer flanking paths will have a good chance of winning.

New Battle Royale Class: Shock Wave

Use the new Shock Wave class talent to throw back enemy players, vehicles, and approaching projectiles like grenades, rockets, and other explosives when you’re battling toe-to-toe and need to clear some space.

COD Mobile Season 4 2023
Image via Activision

Shock Wave can be activated up to three times with full energy and delivers modest damage to opposing Operators and vehicles. Equip it to defend against flank attacks when utilising a long-range weapon, or use it in close-quarters combat to knock adversaries to the ground and complete the job as they try to retake their position.

New Themed Event: The Lost Treasure

If you can only figure out where they are buried, there are many great gems. Get access to the secret loot by completing keys by completing General and Special Tasks in Multiplayer and Battle Royale. To receive the ultimate reward, The Hidden Treasure, you must finish the event and win additional milestone awards along the way.

Introducing the Hybrid Ground War: Skirmish

Ground War: Skirmish is a brand-new hybrid game mode that combines features of multiplayer and battle royale. Be ready to fight like no before. Deploy to the Farm and Sakura sites of interest on Isolated after selecting your loadout and Battle Royale class.

COD Mobile Season 4 2023
Image via Activision

Teams fight for possession of five objectives strewn over the map in this 12v12 scenario. Take control of an objective to earn points for your team. When you reach a specific score, the S point on the map activates, giving the occupying forces a bonus of two points. Use the available vehicles to their fullest potential in order to increase your chances of success. You’ll need all available firepower to maintain your position or to breach the enemy line.

Season 4 features new Seasonal Challenges and Events that reward Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, the new Dauntless Perk and Makarov Pistol, and more.

  • New Perk: Equip the new Dauntless Perk for immunity to movement-reducing and burn effects.
  • New Pistol: Unlock the new Makarov Pistol, a powerful Secondary Weapon that makes for a dependable fallback in close-quarters situations when your Primary runs dry or isn’t right for the job.
  • Check the in-game Events tab throughout the season for more info, including Daily Missions rewards and Monthly Login incentives.

COD Mobile World Championship 2023 will kick off with a prize pool of $1 Million

Get ready to compete as the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2023 enters into the Stage 1 and 2 qualifiers, conducted regionally in multiple stages. All eligible players who register to compete will receive an all-new frame, weapon skin, and calling card, with additional rewards for earning points in Ranked matches.

COD Mobile Esports Roadmap 2023 and 2024
Image via Activision

All eligible players who earn 100 or more points from Ranked matches will qualify for Stage 2. The competition dates are as follows:

  • Stage 1: April 27 UTC – May 14 UTC
  • Stage 2 Pre-heat: May 19 UTC – May 21 UTC
  • Stage 2: May 22 UTC – June 4 UTC

World Champs 2023 Sweepstakes: North American players who register for Stage 1 and qualify for Stage 2 can opt into sweepstakes to win a soccer ball signed by world champion soccer player Lionel Messi.

Store Update: Golden Week Sale, New Draws, Legacy Weapons

  • Golden Week Sale: Launching near the start of the season on May 1, the Golden Week Sale will feature the rerelease of six popular Crates, two Draws, and two Lucky Boxes. Check the Store throughout the week for new discounts.
  • New Legendary Character Draw: Combining a soldier’s discipline with an explorer’s drive, Manta Ray deploys to the field in a new set of deep sea–themed gear, starting with her new Legendary Operator Skin, Manta Ray — Aquarian Blade. Get the chance to earn her full array of gear, including the Legendary Makarov — Light’s Echo Weapon Blueprint, based on the new Season 4 Pistol.
  • Terrify your enemies with other Season 4 Draws featuring cosmetics like Templar’s Shadow — The Iron Mask, alongside his Legendary SKS — Deathlance. Other draws include Codename: Lazarus — Demonic Warrior, who wields the molten OTs 9 — Malebranche, based on the new Season 4 SMG.
  • New Legacy Weapon Draw: Get your hands on one of Call of Duty’s greatest Weapon Blueprints with the Type 25 — Phoenix Inferno Legacy Weapon, originally featured in Black Ops Cold War.
  • Battle Pass Vault: Season 4 will add the New Order Battle Pass to the Vault, featuring Epic Operator Skins like Prophet — Geist; David Mason — Enforcer; Spectre — Chrome; and FTL — Power Line. Add some color and shine to your Loadouts with Epic Weapon Blueprints like the HBRa3 — Capacitor; Locus — Carbon Cut; Cordite — Tech Noir; HG 40 Cybersick; and the FR. 556 — Rogue Agent.

When will COD Mobile Season 3 2023 start

The new season will commence on April 26th, 2023 and the battle pass season will begin on April 28th, 2023. We hope you enjoy Season 4 2023 of Call of Duty Mobile!

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