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COD Mobile Season 5 2022 Tropical Season update: New map, modes, and more

Plethora of new contents!

Season 5 2022, which has been named Tropical Season will arrive on June 1st at 5:30 am IST, bringing brand-new combat to COD Mobile. Season 5: Tropical Vision takes the battle to the tropics, away from the sand dunes. Prepare to enter the new Apocalypse Multiplayer battlefield, turn into a super-soldier in Guns Blazing Encore, and unlock new sorts of gear and abilities with Oden, Echo Grenade, and a new RPD signature attachment in Call of Duty Mobile.

COD Mobile Season 5 2022: Battle Pass

During Season 5 2022, players will have the opportunity to earn 50 new tiers of Battle Pass rewards. The Radical Raid update includes a fresh supply of free and premium content like new Operators, a new functional weapon, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, COD Points, and more.

Premium Battle Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock all of the Tropical Vision stream’s features, including Rampage, Park — Survivor, Rivas — Smuggler, and Rosa – Animal Instincts. The AK-47, MSMC, PKM, and Kilo Bolt-Action all have updated Weapon Blueprints.

Image via Activision

Free Battle Pass Tiers

At Tier 26, get the Echo – Tiki Troops shotgun. At Tier 21, equip the new Oden Assault Rifle. This slow-firing but powerful weapon is ideal for protecting objectives and providing cover for allies rushing into the fray. At Tier 50, you’ll also obtain the Echo Grenade, which reveals opponent positions, as well as a variety of camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the From the Grave Calling Card.

New Weapon: Oden

The Oden is a bullpup assault weapon that makes many appearances in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It’s a slow-firing gun with a lot of damage per shot. The Oden and the existing Man-O-War (MoW) assault weapon have a lot of similarities.

COD Mobile Season 5 2022
Image via Activision

However, the Oden’s fire rate is likely to be lower than the MoW’s. Players may anticipate the new weapon to come with attachments that will affect the rate of firing.

Echo Grenade

Players can pinpoint exact enemy locations inside a building with this new grenade. For a few seconds, all opponent positions will be visible through the walls or any obstructions that the enemies may be hiding behind. The Echo Grenade detects enemy locations via sound waves and reveals them through walls. It’s the same as the Dragonfire scorestreak, which pros employ to indicate enemy positions in competitions.

Image via Activision

There is no precedent of a similar recon item in the previous Call of Duty games, therefore the Echo Grenade appears to be an original COD Mobile item. There are a lot of tactical advantages to employing this grenade, and if you don’t want to give up your holding locations, you’ll have to start using the prize system.

It’s also useful for retaking a bombsite after it’s been planted. Simply toss the grenade and inspect all adversary positions before pressing it into the target.

Multiplayer updates in COD Mobile Season 5 2022

New Map: Apocalypse

Apocalypse is a small to medium-sized map designed for aggressive play that was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The center lane is a hive of activity, and the many interior locations provide ample possibilities for tactical and head-on combat. The hamlet and the temple sit on each side of the center lane, both dangerous regions ideal for flanking maneuvers and clashes for control of the objective.

COD Mobile Season 5 2022
Image via Activision

New Mode: Guns Blazing Encore

Transform into a super-soldier and wreak havoc on your foes. You can use your own loadouts in this new Multiplayer mode, but your Scorestreaks and Operator Skill will be disabled. The objective is simple: eliminate enemy Operators and gain 30 points first. Eliminate standard Operators for one point, and enemy super-soldiers for three points.

Fill up your Fury gauge in one of three ways to become a super-soldier: Earn 100 points for killing a standard Operator, 200 points for killing an enemy super-soldier, and 300 points for killing an enemy super-soldier. It’s showtime when your Fury gauge reaches 500. As a super-soldier, you will benefit from the following:

  • Dual-wield Death Machines, with 200 rounds total.
  • Increased Health

When you’re eliminated, or expend all of your ammunition, you will revert to the default Operator state.

New Battle Royale mode: Prop Hunt

Come experience an exciting BR Prop Hunt in legendary towns in Frontier where players are divided into camps of Hunters and Props! Move fast as there is only a certain number of players who can become Hunters. Hunters, use your powerful skill of Scan to reveal the locations of Props! Props, activate your skill of Charged Leap to escape dangerous situations!

Consumable skill cards of Invisible, Invincible, ShapeShift, and Flash will spawn randomly for Props to collect. Random points will respawn on the map for Props to obtain. Towards the last few minutes of the match, points to collect increase for the Props, and Scan Skill evolves into Deadly Focus for the Hunters.

Deadly Focus increases Hunter’s movement speed and enhances the ability to search for Props. At the end of the game, the ranking will be settled in accordance with the score between Props camp and Hunters camp.

Season 5 introduces new Seasonal Challenges that award new Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, and up to 30,000 Battle Pass XP in exchange for completing them. You’ll also have the opportunity to gain access to the new RPD signature attachment.

COD Mobile Season 5 2022
COD Mobile Season 5 2022 Seasonal event rewards (Image via Activision)

This revolutionary attachment, known as the Cooling Compressor Barrel, combines traditional reloading with an overheating system that allows you to adjust the heating exhaust to ensure consistent and continuous firepower.

New Themed Event: A Soldier’s Choice

Massive flooding has been caused by a man-made tropical storm, putting lives in peril. Soap and Team Bravo must assist in the water extraction by bolstering water pumps throughout the area. To earn event points and progress on the reward track, complete General and Special Tasks in Multiplayer and Battle Royale. To receive the ultimate reward, the Soap–Vacay Ready Operator, complete the event.

Store and UI updates in COD Mobile Season 5 2022

Season 5 has a major user interface overhaul. We’ve added a new Multiplayer lobby background and improved the appearance of the Clan Wars main lobby, which now shows your clan rank, node progress, top contributors, and more clearly.

With redesigned UI for Crates and Bundles, animated backgrounds for Legendary Operators, and more stylish Lucky Draw windows, the Store is also receiving a makeover.

Use Prophet – Arbiter and the new Mythic Oden Weapon Blueprint to dissolve even the most powerful Operators. New Draws include Legendary Weapon Blueprints for the M4, PDW-57, RPD, and other weapons; Legendary and Epic Operator Skins such as Kreuger – Jungle Scarred; Proton – Scrapmaster; Portnova — Killer Bee; Siren – Synesthesia; and Ghost – Retribution; and a slew of supporting items to go along with each Draw’s theme.

COD Mobile Season 5 2022: Improvements and Optimizations

Minimap Customization

New feature: Long press the minimap to expand the full-size map, release to close. Players can set this in the minimap customization settings.

HUD Customization

The previous version of the Lite HUD only supported core mode. In the current version, this function has been updated and optimized to support all MP modes.

Hardpoint In-Game Point Prediction

When the current point countdown is 10 seconds, the next location point will be notified to the player on the player’s interface HUD and minimap.

Function Updates

FFA Mode Spawn Point Optimization

Optimized the spawn locations where the player used to spawn too close when starting in FFA mode on some maps.

Jump Key Optimization:

Clicking the jump button while ADS no longer triggers the function of jumping over obstacles.

Hardpoint Loading Point Information Optimization

Now players can see all the points and the information of the order during the loading of the Hardpoint mode.

Voice Optimizations

The press-and-hold to turn on the microphone has been changed to click-to-enable the microphone for 10 seconds. The friend channel button is blocked when entering the game without a team, and the UI is simplified.

OB Optimizations in MP Mode

Now displays scorestreaks rewards of all players for observers. Optimized the fire synchronization performance in the first-person OB state, closer to the real fire and hit direction. Changed the red camp to the yellow camp for observers. When observing, there will be a red mark on the health bar of the enemy faction of the current observing target to clearly identify it as the enemy. Added display of modes and map information to replay files.

Initial Orientation Optimization

Optimized the problem that the initial orientation was reset, now the orientation of the player at the start will remain after the countdown

Performance Updates Bullet Trajectory Optimization

Now the bullet trajectory of teammates and enemies is clearer, and information can be easily obtained.

Reload Prompt Optimization

Added a progress indicator at the weapon bar position when reloading. Added a bullet volume indicator at the crosshair in third-person mode.

Firearms Performance Optimization

Optimized the camera performance in the process of switching weapons, now there will be a small camera shift when switching weapons to increase the sense of presence. Optimized the sound of switching weapons, and now has a clearer stage prompt. Optimized the reload action of AK117, ASM10, and Peacekeeper MK2. Added the performance of Bolt Hold Open for DR-H and Renetti.

Voice Broadcast Optimization

Optimized the problem of repeatedly reporting points in a short period of time when a sniper was found. Optimized the voice trigger logic.

Other Optimization

Optimized the simulation performance by minimizing enemies teleportation when moving too fast.

Function Updates

Added feedback icon for reduced damage taken after being knocked down. Zoomed in on the icon of teammates falling to the ground and prioritized the UI. Improved UI accuracy for the compass. Optimized the response speed of long-pressing the medicine bar and throwing the object bar. Optimized Alcatraz scene performance to reduce lag.

Balance Adjustments in COD Mobile Season 5 2022

Multiplayer and Battle Royale

  • AR/SMG/LMG Bullet Spread Adjustment
    • In the current versions of the battle rhythm, we have made a unified evaluation and adjustment to the distribution value of AR/SMG/LMG firearms. Overall, the average distribution of each gun system has been lowered.
    • ADS bullet spread: Significantly reduced (>20%)
      • Swordfish, M16, Pharo, LK24, FR .556, ICR-1, AK-47, HVK-30, Man-O-War, HBRa3
    • ADS bullet spread: Reduced (10%~20%)
      • M4, M4LMG, DR-H, UL736
    • ADS bullet spread: Slightly reduced (less than 10%)
      • Kilo 141, KN-44, M13, ASM10, AK117, BK57, CR-56 AMAX, RPD, AS VAL, Type 25, Holger 26, GKS, Chopper, Hades, QQ9, QXR
    • ADS bullet spread: Slightly increased
      • In the previous version, ADS bullet spread was too accurate, even more than some marksman rifles. Devs have increased the spread to balance – RUS-79U.

All the above changes are applicable to Battle Royale. In Battle Royale, the ADS bullet spread of all firearms is 60% of that in Multiplayer mode.

  • AR/SMG/SG/SR Movement Speed Adjustment
    • Devs have sorted out the mobility of weapons between different types and within the same type, so that the mobility of firearms is more in line with their positioning.
    • Movement speed: Slightly increased
      • DR-H, HVK-30, CR-56 AMAX, HBRa3, AK117, M13, KRM-262, R9-0
    • ADS Movement speed: Slightly increased
      • M21-EBR, SVD
    • Movement speed bonus of attachments: Reduced
      • PPSh-41 Fast Reload +8% → +5%
      • QQ9 Tactical Barrel +5% → +4%
      • No Stock +5% → +4%
    • ADS Movement speed bonus of attachments: Reduced
      • MAC-10 Combat Stock and Steel Stock +20% → +16%
      • Fennec Light Stock +15% → +12%
      • Light Mag +5% → +4%
      • MX9 Agile Stock +40% → +37%
  • RPD
    • Overall enhanced mid-range positioning firearms to suit rhythm.
    • Range: IncreasedDamage Multiplier to the Head: Increased
    • RPD new attachment: Cooling Compressor Barrel When equipped, the fire mode switches to the overheating mechanism. Controlling the heat can achieve stable and continuous firepower output.
    • Attributes:
      • Range: Increased
      • Vertical Recoil: Reduced
      • Hit Flinch: Reduced
      • Movement Speed: Reduced
      • ADS Bullet Spread: Increased
  • MAC-10
    • The current use of Mac-10 is very high. Mac-10 can deal relatively stable damage even at a slightly longer distance. Therefore, devs have appropriately adjusted the damage of the second range to reduce its advantage in mid-range.
    • Damage: Reduced
  • Assault Rifle Reload Speed Adjustment
    • ASM10
      • Slightly increased the reload speed, and optimized the reload action.
      • Tactical Reload speed: Increased
      • Empty Reload speed: Increased
    • Man-o-War
      • Slightly increased the reload speed.
      • Tactical Reload speed: Increased
      • Empty Reload speed: Increased
  • Mid-range positioning firearms: Enhanced
    • Devs have re-examined the performance of mid-range guns and adjusted their strengths and weaknesses.
    • HBRa3
      • Range: Increased
      • New attribute for attachment: Thunderbolt Sling
      • Hipfire Bullet Spread: Reduced
    • FR .556
      • Range: Increased
    • BK57
      • Range: Increased
    • KN-44
      • Make it hit the head three times within 26 meters to kill the enemy.
      • Range: Increased
      • Damage Multiplier to the Head: Increased
    • CR-56 AMAX
      • Range: Increased
    • Peacekeeper MK2
      • Base Mag Capacity: Increased
      • Base Range: Increased (Does not work on Rapid Fire Barrel)
      • Reload Speed of Double Stack Mag: Increased
    • M4LMG
      • Range: Increased
    • UL736
      • Range: Increased
    • Hades
      • Range: Increased
      • New attribute for attachment Crossbar Hipfire Bullet Spread: Reduced
    • AK117
      • As one of the first high-rate rifles to be launched, the AK117 is favored by many fighters, but its relatively uncontrollable recoil and weakness at medium distances make it slightly inferior to other high-rate rifles. Therefore, devs have slightly increased its range and damage at the second range, and increased the damage multiplier to the upper chest and lower arms to ensure that it can eliminate the enemy with 4 shots on the upper chest and lower arms within the second range. So that its combat capability at medium distances can keep up with the mainstream level of the current version.
      • Range: Increased
      • Damage: Increased
      • Damage Multiplier to the Chest and Lower Arms: Increased
      • At the same time, devs have updated the resources for its reloading action, and made corresponding fine-tuning of the reloading time according to the performance of the action.
      • Reload Speed: Reduced
    • LK24
      • In the initial design of LK24, devs wanted it to be an assault rifle that can be used for mid-to-long-range camping. However, since the current version of the bullet spread is uniformly adjusted, the characteristics of the LK24 are not prominent enough. Therefore, we want to re-adjust it to match its positioning. Devs have adjusted the bullet spread algorithm so that the first few bullets have higher accuracy under the condition that the maximum spread remains unchanged during continuous firing, and the bullet spread in the moving state is increased.
      • Range: Increased
      • Damage: Increased
      • Damage Multiplier to the Hands: Increased
    • GKS
      • As a medium-rate submachine gun, GKS has been struggling to adapt to the current meta. In order to bring it back to the battlefield, devs hope to give a spotlight to its ADS ballistic advantages by slightly increasing its basic movement speed, canceling the penalty of bullet spread in the moving state, and strengthening its flexible Sprint-to-Fire characteristics. Devs have also adjusted the damage algorithm so that GKS can eliminate the enemy with three shots in the upper body at close range. Devs hope this will help regain its advantage in the battlefield.
      • Range: Adjusted
      • Damage: Adjusted
      • Damage Multiplier to the Head, Upper Chest, and Arms: Increased
    • Renetti
      • Renetti’s three bursts have higher requirements for accuracy, however, the range of 6m-15m is too short in comparison to all secondary weapons. Therefore, devs have increased the range to help it adapt to the current meta.
      • Range: Increased
  • Multiplayer Improvements
    • Perk: Persistence
      • The initial intention of Persistence’s design is to allow more players to experience the fun of the unique scorestreaks of the COD series. However, due to the overpowering mechanism, the technical threshold for players to obtain advanced scorestreaks is too low. This affected the overall combat experience. Therefore, devs are looking to make the following adjustments:
        • Persistence is changed to blue perk and will be incompatible with Hardline. Therefore, the speed at which players can obtain scorestreaks is reduced. When equipped with Persistence, all scorestreaks are divided into 3 segments in accordance with the score; players can only choose one from each segment to equip. In order to control the impact of scorestreaks on the battle while ensuring players’ experience of scorestreaks, players will no longer be able to choose 3 advanced scorestreaks when Persistence is equipped.
  • Scorestreaks
    • EMP Systems
      • Score requirements: Reduced
    • Orbital Laser
      • Score requirements: Increased
      • Duration: Reduced
    • Napalm
      • Duration: Reduced
    • Chopper Gunner
      • Score requirements: Increased
  • Battle Royale
    • In the last version, devs tried to emphasize the effectiveness of mid-range combat and made changes to the damage falloff of Assault rifles and LMGs. Unfortunately, the latest adjustment did not quite meet the expectations. The slow bullet velocity and large ADS bullet spread have prevented the mid-range weapons from their full potential. Therefore, devs have made an adjustment
    • The mobility of LMGs in BR severely limits their play of them. Devs have made some compensation for their movement speed, though they will still be slower than Assault rifles.
    • Bullet Velocity Adjustment
      • Except AS VAL, all Assault Rifles, and LMGs’ Bullet Velocity: Increased
      • Medium and low rate of fire Sniper and Marksman Rifles: Increased
    • Bullet Spread Adjustment
      • All Assault Rifles and LMGs’ ADS Bullet Spread: Reduced
      • Min/max mirror shot spreads are now relatively close for all LMGs/Assault Rifles.
      • The LMGs will reach their max Bullet Spread later than the Assault Rifles when under continuous fire.
    • Mobility Adjustment
      • Base Movement Speed of all LMGs: Increased
    • Runner Mod Adjustment
      • The duration and speed of the acceleration effect will vary depending on the gun type.
      • The acceleration duration of gun types other than Sniper Rifles/LMGs have been greatly reduced.
      • Cold Down Speed: Reduced
    • Class: Scout
      • The information obtained by the Scout is too limited, it should get more frequency and duration of use.
    • Charge Speed: Increased
    • Duration of Level 2 Scout: Increased
    • Class: Mechanic: The EMP drone’s search distance is not far enough, but the standby state will reveal its position. Devs hope that it will have a more stable effect.
    • The Speed drone approaches enemies and Deceleration rate: Increased
      • Drone’s Search Distance: Increased
      • Reduced the drone standby time, as compensation, shortened the time required for the drone to recharge.

When will COD Mobile Season 5 2022 start

The new season is expected to commence on June 1st, 2022 and the battle pass season will begin on June 3rd, 2022. We hope you enjoy season 5 2022 of Call of Duty Mobile!

We hope you find this COD Mobile Season 5 2022 about the Tropical Season update article helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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