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3 Best Trickshots in COD Mobile to dominate every match

Be the necromancer in the battle field with these trickshots!

Ever since the launch of Call of Duty Mobile, the game has created hype all over the world. The game delivers great Multiplayer as well as the Battle Royale mode gameplay. In this article on best trickshots in COD Mobile, we are sharing the top 3 shots that you need to master to help yourself go on a long-lasting win streak.

What are the best trickshots in COD Mobile?

1. Drop Shots

Drop Shots basically means proning while shooting. These are now the most used technique in the game right now especially after the prone button update arrived. When you are surrounded by a lot of enemies or you’re down in HP to have a 1v1 fight, this proves to be the most useful technique. Drop shots are unexpected and have a pretty high success rate if executed properly.  So to do a proper drop shot you need to practice a bit before trying it out in a ranked match. More appropriately you need the muscle memory to do this trick shot in seconds.

To do this first you need 2 dedicated buttons for two fingers-the Crouch button and the Fire button with ADS. Do remember that if you are not playing with ADS then this technique is not possible with 2 fingers.

Drop shots With ADS

So the first way you can do a drop shot is with ADS. You just have to click and hold the Crouch button and the Shoot button together while aiming your target.

Best trickshots in COD Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile Best trickshots
Hold the Crouch button and the Shoot button together

When you will click these two together you will lean down on the ground while shooting making the target miss his shots and allowing you to take advantage and kill him. We advise you to practice this technique in unranked matches, especially in places like Nuketown, Hijacked, Meltdown.

Drop Shots without ADS

Drop Shots without ADS becomes a little tricky. To do this you have to click the Prone button+Shoot Button+Aim button together while aiming at the enemy.

Best trickshots in COD Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile Best trickshots

To do this without ADS you need total control over the fingers you’re using to play or else you will easily miss the target. 

2. Jump Shots

Jump Shot basically means sliding forward while jumping and shooting on the enemy. There are a few times when you see some players camping in the corner waiting for you to enter the building. The second you enter the building they start shooting and you cannot even dodge it. Now to kill these kinds of enemies, Jump Shots are the best. If you know the enemy is hiding there just jump enter and shoot him down. It is a pretty easy one both for with or without ADS.

Best trickshots in COD Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile Best trickshots

Jump Shots with ADS

You just have to press the Jump button and while you’re on-air press the shoot button while aiming at your target. This is pretty easy to do but you need a little practice to perfect the timing.

3. Flick Shots

Flick Shots are mainly used while using snipers. It helps you retain a particular position to get control of the map. Getting control of the map is very important in modes like Domination and Hardpoint. This is a little tough combo to do but its easy if you can quick scope head-on. To do Flick Shot you have to first change the controls to HIP fire from ADS. It’s the best option for Flick Shots.

To do it you have to tap both the shoot button and the Aim button together as fast as possible.

Best trickshots in COD Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile Best trickshots
Press the Aim button and Shoot button together

This needs a lot of practice to execute rightly. But its a very powerful and the most effective technique to become a pro sniper user.

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