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COD Mobile Smoke Bomber class arrives in the game

Back in the month of May, we reported that a new class would be arriving in the battle royale section of Call of Duty Mobile. Finally, that new class named “Smoke Bomber” has arrived in the game. Here in this article, we talk about the COD Mobile Smoke Bomber class and how you can unlock it.

COD Mobile Smoke Bomber class is here to smoke your way!

So what is this new class all about? The Smoke Bomber class blocks the vision of enemies through a powerful smoke grenade. The smoke slows down the movement of enemies, thus, making it difficult for them to escape the thick smoke. On the other hand, players using this class can see enemies trapped in the smoke. Players can use this new Smoke Bomber class to hunt down an entire squad.

COD Mobile Smoke Bomber Class,

This class has both an active as well as a passive skill like any other class in COD Mobile.

Active Skill

A cluster smoke grenade that will generate smoke on a target area where you throw it and will interfere in the vision as well as the movement of the enemies.

This is a very positive point for the players as by this skill you can attack as well as defend yourself.

Passive skill

The Smoke perspective will be the passive skill of this class. This skill will make the enemies visible through the smoke. This does prove to be useful if you are in the mood to attack and eliminate the enemy. But if not, then you can speed away from the enemy as well as this skill will also increase your speed while being attacked or running away from the zone where you are being attacked.

How to unlock the COD Mobile Smoke Bomber class?

Now that we know what the Smoke Bomber class is, the next question is how to unlock it in the game?. There’s an event going on in the game currently, named Smoke Bomber Challenge. in this event you complete a set of total eight tasks to unlock this class for the Battle Royale section.

The Smoke Bomber Challenge tasks

Here we have given a gameplay video of the COD Mobile Smoke Bomber class which will help you in the game.

Are you excited for this new COD Mobile Smoke Bomber class? Feel free to drop your comments below.

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