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COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks: New Maps, Weapons, Skills and More

Call of Duty Mobile features some exciting game modes and several options to experience the popular first-person shooter franchise on the mobile platform. But, it looks like something more interesting is in the pipeline. A few days ago the Season 6 of COD Mobile had started, and now according to recent leaks, there’s much more waiting for the players in season 7. Here in this article, we have summed up all you can expect in season 7 of COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Season 7 New Maps

In the month of January, Activision launched a poll asking the community for the maps that they want to see in COD Mobile. Amongst those Rust, Terminal, Shipment Dome, Highrise got chosen by most of the gamers.

Out of these, Rust was already launched recently in season 6. Therefore, the rest of the maps might become one after the other in the coming updates. So let’s check out what these maps will be bringing in..

1. Terminal Map

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Terminal map

The Terminal is a medium-sized multiplayer map that was there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, based on the campaign mission No Russian. This map, which is an airport terminal, is full of luggage, bars, and small shops; the outside area of the map, where planes and cargo are stationed, has many tiny areas that are accessible as well. The players can go into a plane, which has realistic seats inside it, with the exception of the cockpit. This map was on top of the list in that poll launched by Activision.

2. Shipment Map

Shipment Map from COD Modern Warfare

The Shipment is a map that was there in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Online, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It the smallest map in the Call of Duty series. The map is small in size and is filled with shipping containers, giving it its name. The map is almost entirely symmetrical in design, with two containers on the west and east sides of the map, one of which can be walked through either side, 8 containers in the middle (two of which can be entered), two containers on the north and south sides of the map, one of which can be entered on a side, and debris covering the corners of the map. Outside of the containers, the map supplies no cover from aerial support and little cover from enemy gunfire.

3. Dome Map

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Dome map

The Dome is a Multiplayer map which was there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It also appeared as a multiplayer map in Call of Duty Online. Dome is a small map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that has many close-quarters combat situations. The two main spawn points are near the dome itself, and near the entrance gate on the other side of the map. The dome covers only a little portion of the map and serves no significant purpose besides possible defensive set-ups and a spot for players to snipe from.

There is a track around the second story of the dome that overlooks most of the map. Nearby the dome is a bunker with two entrances, and there is a bombed-out portion in the middle of the bunker. Further across the bunker is a building that has a main room and a back hallway. There are multiple vehicles on the map which one can use for limited cover.

4. Highrise Map

Highrise map

The Highrise is a medium-sized multiplayer map that appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty Online. Highrise is set atop a nearly constructed skyscraper with two office buildings on opposite sides of the map. The center of the map is occupied by an elevated helipad, which thus many players will try to use to their advantage. Most of the combat on the ground is short to medium range with the construction equipment and in the office buildings. Shotguns and submachine guns are excellent for these offices, but assault rifles are ideal for the sometimes medium-long range combat that occurs in the more open areas. The map is also suitable for sniping, with several vantage points that look over most of, or nearly all of, the map.

5. Tunisia Map

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Tunisia map

This is a bonus addition to the collection. Although being showcased in the trailer, The Tunisia map is yet to be released in the game. The map was previously available in the Pre-season beta version of the game in Season 1.

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Tunisia Map in-game view

New Maps coming to Battle Royale

After a long wait, finally to the players’ delight, the Isolated map is going to expand. According to Season 7 leaks, the COD Mobile Battle Royale will be getting a host of new maps as you can see in the picture above. Very soon the Isolated map will look something like this.

Host of maps coming soon

Gulag map coming soon

As per leaks, The Gulag Map will add into the array of maps in Call of Duty Mobile. Gulag, a fight for survival where winning your Gunfight will grant you a second chance.

Gulag Map found in game files

Gulag will not be coming to Battle Royale. It will be a new map in Multiplayer. Possibly a 1v1 map.

Marksman Challenge Training Map coming to COD Mobile

Marksman Challenge Training Map

Also, it was part of Modern Warfare. COD Mobile will be releasing this training mode in Season 7

New Class coming to Battle Royale

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Cluster Smoke grenade

In the recently released Wild West update, a new class has been released named Poltergeist. Now, a new battle royale class is set to release in the next season. Cluster Bomber will be a new class and will be having a two-way benefit for players.

New Items in Airdrops

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks

A great addition is coming to the airdrop. The Tank will be available for the players to prowl through the battlefield and knock out enemies.

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Tank- Inside view

Apart from this, the Multiplayer operator skill – Tempest will also be available in the Airdrops.

New Weapons

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
M249 Saw

The Weaponry section keeps on getting new guns. According to leaks, COD Mobile Season 7 will have M249 SAW / MK48 added to the section.


New Skill – Akimbo Dual Wield

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Dual Wielding is now possible

According to various leaks, COD Mobile Season 7 will bring in a new and popular skill. This would be the Akimbo. Using this skill a player can wield a gun in each of his hands. The skill gives the player a huge firepower advantage but at the cost of accuracy as you cannot aim down the sight. With maps such as Rust available and Shipment incoming, this skill will come out to be very popular for close-actions.

New Skill – Nova Gas Drum

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Nova gas Drum

This will be a new weapon which will be pre-equipped in a match. Players’ can blast these drums using their firearms and release the stored Nova Gas to kill out the enemies.

New Scorestreak – Cluster Strike

COD Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Cluster Strike Scorestreak

A new scorestreak named Cluster Strike will be added to the gameplay. Needless to say, this scorestreak will be available in Multiplayer mode and will be applicable only when you reach 950 points in a match.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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Jeet Haldar

After updating season 6 MP matches are ok but Battle Royale matches are going to freeze after sometime this is the main problem for me.


Hopefully, with the future updates, Activision will fix them. 🙂
They are bringing more content to BR so, we can expect the game mode to be more polished in the coming days.


No just exit app and restart then it will go to the lobby and have a reconnect to game option.


But, will the kn be added to br?

Big chungus

Hope they add gulag map, juggernaut, Akimbo and shotgun with dragon’s breath rounds


How to get beta version of call of duty mobile season 7??


I tried it… But i can’t understand how to get beta version…. Can you tell me step by step to get beta version of codm


Please reply me on Instagram.. My ig username is immortal


will there be a new kn 44 skin

Probal Datta

There’s no such news as of now. But we hope ACTIVISION might add it in later updates. 🙂


Anyone know what new item are going in the shop for coin?

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