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COD Mobile to add additional progress system past level 150

Levelling up beyond 150 might be a reality soon!

COD Mobile is a competitive multiplayer game for mobile devices and has a huge pool of features that gives varied experiences. Similar to any famous title, it requires a good amount of time investment by its players to fully unlock each and every item that the game has to offer. Just like every other battle royale game, Call of Duty Mobile also features a level system in the game. The players can climb up to level 150 and unlock a wide variety of items like guns, charms, etc. in the process. With regular updates over the past seasons, the game has seen a regular influx in its player count. Today we bring to you the latest news in which they have hinted at adding an additional progress system for COD Mobile players when they go past level 150.

Players to get an additional progress system soon!

COD Mobile additional progress level

The maximum rank in COD Mobile is 150 and it is actually very hard to quickly reach that mark. However, in recent times, many players have asked about a new level system for the past few seasons. And it seems that the devs are finally looking into the matter and are about to finally listen to the vast player base.

We’ve seen this request popping up more often now that many players have hit that level 150 caps. Our teams are considering various options for adding additional progression to the game in the near future

Activision in their COD Mobile Community update

In the past, as a part of adding a new progression system, the Gunsmith feature was added as an option, even though it wasn’t tied to the main profile level system. But now that the devs have hinted at an extended progression system, we can expect it to be a part of the main profile level system, which now ends at level 150.

When will the new additional progress level arrive in COD Mobile?

The devs say there is no exact information on when will the additional progress level systems or options be added to the game. Although developers have not stated the exact date of release of this feature, players can expect it to be released soon in the near future of Call of Duty Mobile.

Are you excited about the additional progress level coming in the near future of COD Mobile? Drop in your opinions in the comments section below!

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I am a maxed player from a long time now. Can’t wait for this to arrive.


Well this is a feature that was so long awaited! Advanced Thanks to Activision for this!

Alex Mason

Woah! This is huge news! Can’t wait to get more items, more features for my setup after levelling up more beyond 150!


Finally the devs are delivering what they promised long time back! Hoping that they fix the glitches and bugs in the same way!


Call of Bugs. Lol


Big news for CODM players!

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