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COD Mobile World Championship 2020: All that we know about Stage 2

The COD Mobile World Championship 2020 is back with Stage 2 of the competition. Stage 1 of the championship ended last month, where players got 4 chances in 4 weeks to qualify for stage 2. All the players who have qualified and are waiting to know more about the COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 2, we are going to share with you the details of stage 2 of the competition.

Creating a team for COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 2

In stage 1, you had to play the qualification round as a solo player and if you had qualified, then you must have been notified via In-Game Inbox message. But for those who have qualified for stage 2, having a team is a must for participation. Each player who has entered into the next round has to join or create a team of 5 or 6 players who have all qualified for Stage 2 in order to compete in Stage 2 of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020.

COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 2, COD Mobile World Championship Stage 2
Choose your team wisely for Stage 2

But one thing that you should keep in mind before creating or joining a team is that this will be your team for the whole of Stage 2 so we suggest you choose wisely and move forward.

How to qualify for COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 3

A Team can play up to thirty Ranked Multiplayer Matches during Stage 2. The first thirty Ranked Multiplayer Matches will be scored and points are given to the team for Ranked Multiplayer Match wins. A point must be noted that 5 of the 6 Team members must play in a Ranked Multiplayer Match together to score points. These points will be used to determine the top 512 Teams per region that will qualify for the Regional Finals. The amount of points earned in Stage 2 is based on the team’s average player rank.

Moreover, teams comprising of 6 players on their roster will be able to change the lineup of their starting roster in-between matches.

About the Team owners

  • The player who creates the team will be deemed the Team Owner. The Team Owner is responsible for entering their teammates’ UIDs and the last 4 digits of their OpenIDs. The Team Owner is also responsible for entering a Team Name.
  • When registering a team, first the owner has to read and agree to the official rules of Stage 2, and then tap the Create A Team button on the landing page to the in-game sign-up. Here you will see where to enter the Team Name, Teammate’s UIDs, and the last 4 digits of your Teammate’s OpenIDs.

About the Team members

Team Members will be responsible for first agreeing to the terms of Stage 2 and then messaging their individual UIDs and last 4 digits of their OpenIDs to the Team Owner in order to be added to a team. Each Team Member and Team Owner must have qualified for Stage 2 of the COD Mobile World Championship 2020. Teams compete with FIVE players in Ranked Multiplayer Matches but can have up to 6 players on their roster. Team Members and Team Owners must all be in the same region. This means suppose the owner is from India, then he can add members from the Indian player community only.

The Rewards section for COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 2

Activision has officially declared the rewards for COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 2 and here they are,

  • You will have to play 30 Ranked Multiplayer Matches with your team. Henceforth, you can unlock the Phantom – Championship 2020 Soldier.
COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 2, COD Mobile World Championship Stage 2
The EPIC reward
  • The top 512 teams per region will advance to the Regional Qualifier and win 1000 CP!
COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 2, COD Mobile World Championship Stage 2
Increase your CP balance

Ranked Queueing Instructions for COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 2

Ranked Overview

  • Players in ranked mode are organized into 6 groups. Starting with Rookie at the lowest, then Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master, and finally Legendary at the top.
    • Each of these groups except Legendary is broken up into 5 ranks designated with roman numerals, from I to V.  I is the low end, V is the high end.
    • Players make their way up the ranks by winning ranked matches, either playing solo or queuing up with teammates of similar rank.
  • For balanced matchmaking purposes, there are restrictions as to how far apart in rank players can be when queuing up for a Ranked match.

Ranked Queuing Restrictions

  • For all ranks Rookie through Elite, you can queue for Ranked matches with players that are 5 ranks above or below you.
  • Pro I-IV players can queue for ranked matches with players that are 5 ranks below or 4 ranks above.
  • Pro V players can queue with players that are 5 ranks below, or 3 ranks above (i.e. Elite V-Master III).
  • Master I-II players can queue with players that are 4 ranks below, or 3 ranks above.
  • Master III-V can queue with players that are 4 ranks below, and any rank above including Legendary.
  • Legendary players can queue with players Master III and above.

Our Suggestion

This is all the information that can be made available. Keep checking back here as the tournament progresses.     

And yes! Keep practicing hard and try out the best method-of-play suitable for you. Be it the Claw method, two-finger or thumbs only, etc. Keep in mind that being a multiplayer based tournament, there will be plenty of fast-paced action. So gear up for the next stage!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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I qualified for stage 2, but I’m not seeing the World Championship landing page anywhere on the app. It used to be in Multiplayer.


Same. No word about this anywhere. Was worried I had missed sign ups.


I need a team I qualified … send me friend request if ur good n let’s go

EasyMVP is my cod name


Please help me Im supposed to be NA region but it says im OTHER and now i can’t qualify my team

Carla Rodriguez

hey, I need a team for stage 2. add me lecrod


Can I make a new team and participate again?

Aditya Singh Chouhan

How to leave a championship team in codm?? And after that can i register for an new team?

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