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COD Warzone Mobile codenamed ‘Project Aurora’ starts closed alpha testing globally

Know everything about it before you drop!

Activision’s big-hit battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone has seen incredible success in the last several months, with the game getting over 75 million players, since its release in March 2020. And to make matters more exciting, Activision finally announced that COD Warzone is coming to mobile devices very soon. As a part of that process, the upcoming COD Warzone Mobile game, which has actually not been officially named just yet by Activision, is codenamed Project Aurora and has kicked off its closed alpha testing globally.

How to sign up for the COD Project Aurora Closed Alpha test

Despite “rumors” about the game on Reddit and speculative YouTube videos, Activision has clearly stated in their announcement that they haven’t revealed anything in the past officially and whatever might be surfacing is not true to the game.

As Activision has stated, their goal with Project Aurora, the codename for the next mobile game, is to unite friends, families, and people from all over the world in a worldwide community of different gamers. This will go through a fast-paced, precise, and high-quality Battle Royale action experience that offers a unique way to play.

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The game is still under development, and the devs are in the middle of Project Aurora Closed Alpha’s first gameplay test. The Closed Alpha is limited in size, and its purpose is to simply begin improving tuning, stress testing matches, identifying and fixing bugs, and gathering feedback and insights on all elements of the game as new features become available.

Participants in the Closed Alpha will not be sharing details publicly. However, as production ramps up, Activision will start sharing more specifics with the public, so expect to hear more about the upcoming mobile Call of Duty experience called Project Aurora.

COD Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Closed Alpha: FAQs

Can I sign-up to play in the Project Aurora Closed Alpha 

No, the Closed Alpha is available only to a limited number of participants via direct invitation. However, the devs will be opening things up and adding more players throughout the Closed Alpha phase and beyond as we achieve development milestones. Keep an eye out for news on this through these posts or through future communications on the official announcement of the game.

Why is this Closed Alpha not available to all players

As Project Aurora is still deep in development, only a small number of participants are needed to help us achieve our goals at this stage.

When will Project Aurora be available for everyone

The devs couldn’t be more excited about bringing this exciting experience to mobile gamers around the world, but the devs haven’t officially announced even the name yet and don’t have a release date to share at this time. Activision will have many updates and posts before then and we will eagerly share the release date once it is finalized.

Where do you go if you need help with the Closed Alpha

Technical support during the Closed Alpha will be limited, but Activision has in-game channels for providing feedback and the devs are regularly releasing patches and updates in-game to notify players of known issues, fixes, and more.

Will the locations and characters in the Closed Alpha be included in the final game

The content in the Project Aurora Closed Alpha is not final and is subject to change. Right now, the devs are simply assessing the game’s large-scale Battle Royale gameplay mechanics on mobile devices.

Has the Closed Alpha fully optimized already

No, the intent of the Project Aurora Closed Alpha is to continue to optimize and refine the game by stress testing matches, improving performance and fidelity, and finding and fixing bugs while in active development.

Does the Closed Alpha feature everything that will be in the game

Not by a long shot. It’s just a slice of what the devs have in store. Activision will let you know about all the exciting things coming your way with Project Aurora in due time.

Will Closed Alpha progress roll over into the final game

No, all data and progression made during this Closed Alpha will be reset and is subject to deletion or reset at any time. Of course, once the game is finished and available globally, all progression will be saved.

The devs are hard at work creating the very best experience for players around the world and are excited to be able to share this journey with you, so stay tuned to additional updates here.

Are you excited that COD Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Closed Alpha is announced for mobile devices by Activision? Drop in your opinions in the comments section below!

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