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CODM India community’s stream raised over ₹8500 to support COVID-19 fund

As the situation of India deteriorated due to the ongoing pandemic of the novel coronavirus the COD Mobile India fan community wanted to help the brave people working for the situation in every way possible and the best plan they could come up with was to donate to the PM CARES FUND. And the result was CODM India community’s Charity Stream on April 12th.

Charity Steam was live for more than 8 hours

With the main moto to donate they planned a charity stream which was more than 8 hours long. The idea was picked up as they decided a fixed date and time and COD Mobile as the go-to game. CODM India fan community also wanted to show that they are in full support of India. Many other small streamers on that day decided to postpone their matches to show their support by giving them the most audience viewership possible.

codm india charity stream for covid-19

ANDROIDSTOCKER, RAWAKY GAMING and SQUADRONGAMING were the main streamers for the event who supported at their best, streaming continuously and tirelessly the whole day. However, things got interesting when Extraordinary, well known YouTuber in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene, stepped up and gave them the permission to use his channel to stream along with which he also open heartedly donated all the revenue generated from the stream via Adsense and superchats.

The efforts are worth mentioning

The organisers reached to SCOUT (Fnatic esports athelete for PUBG Mobile India) SHREEMAN THE LEGEND (Content Creator) NINENTENDO ( Current #1 COD Mobile player in the leaderboards), PAPATACO (The Biggest Twicth CODM streamer), LUIS (Matrix esports athlete for CODM NA) to come and join the stream as guests which they did and entertained the audience fully while making the viewer aware about how they should be reacting in the current situation. This resulted in generating ₹8.6K generated which is donated to the PM FUNDS.

donation from CODM India community's stream

What the Organizers and Streamers are saying


Its been really exciting, I enjoyed a lot that day. We managed to get a decent amount as donation though our main intension was to create the awareness and most importantly we kept a lot of people entertained during this lockdown and am really happy to be a part of this initiative and thanks to all those who supported the stream by participating as players, helping us as a caster and streamer and to all those viewers who kept us motivated through their likes and comments and the guys who donated us. Thanks again guys! This means a lot.


“The stream was a massive success for the CODM community as well as for the audience that showed unexpected support and were glued to the stream helping us push past our limits and supported the streamers streaming the event on another level”.


“Overall the whole response from the community was positive and the streamers as well as the whole RW TEAM was proud of successful completion of the event. That night we all had a good sleep knowing that we did something that would actually create a difference in someone’s life and help the whole country in fighting this virus.”


“Heartily thanks to all the people who came forward for contributing and helping us for the Nobel cause. It has been an honour to host such an event. I want to Thank you for the generosity.”


“Glad to be a part of this initiative. Our Intention was to gather funds for PM Cares alongside spread social awareness through this and we tried our best to did it in an entertaining way.”

Although the amount of money was not very big, the support and the efforts of CODM India fan community’s stream are worth mentioning. Thus Team GamingonPhone really appreciates their hard work and came up with this article to spread the positivity.

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