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Cookie Run: Kingdom 28th July update brings Disney crossover, New cookies, and more

Here is everything you need to know!

The latest Cookie Run: Kingdom 28th July update is out now, and players will find many new features in the game. This update introduces 20 Limited Edition Disney Cookies, that include beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse Cookie, Mulan Cookie, Cinderella Cookie, and Stitch Cookie. There’s also a new Epic Cookie (Cream Unicorn Cookie), which has its own gacha banner.

Various events are available in this update, and there’s a Land of Dreams and Wishes! Disney Cookie World event where you can finish missions and earn stamps. Earning a certain amount lets you buy the new Magical Disney Cookie Castle design, which is only available for a limited time!

Cookie Run Kingdom Disney Cookie World Game Cover
Image via Devsisters

If you earn all the stamps available, you can also receive a free Ancient or Legendary Cookie of your choice. Those who are missing either Pure Vanilla Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, or Dark Cacao Cookie can now get a free copy of them during this event.

CRK collect disney stamps
Image via Devsisters

There’s also the A Photo with the Disney Cookies event, where players can collect the various limited edition Disney cookies. Collecting the cookies lets you unlock their stories, and earn rewards. Remember to log in every day, since logging in gives you rewards such as Wishing Star Crystals, Gems, and Rainbow Shards.

Introducing the New Disney crossover gacha

New gacha is available during the Disney Crossover event. To unlock the gacha, players must first finish the Land of Dreams and Wishes! Disney Cookie World tutorial. Afterward, you can earn Wishing Star Crystals, which are used for the special Disney Crossover Gacha.

CRK wishing star shop
Image via Devsisters

When you have extra copies of a cookie, it gives you Wishing Star Fragments, which are used to buy things in the Wishing Star Shop. The shop features Disney Cookies and special Disney Decors for your kingdom.

Those who are huge fans of Disney and have watched various Disney movies and shows would be delighted to find that they’re now available in Cookie Run: Kingdom for a limited time! Here is the full list of all the Disney Cookies you can unlock during this update:

Cookie Run Kingdom July 28 update brings 20 new limited edition Disney cookies
Image via Devsisters
  • Mickey Mouse Cookie
  • Minnie Mouse Cookie
  • Daisy Duck Cookie
  • Donald Duck Cookie
  • Goofy Cookie
  • Alice Cookie
  • Lilo Cookie
  • Stitch Cookie
  • Peter Pan Cookie
  • Tinkerbell Cookie
  • Aladdin Cookie
  • Jasmine Cookie
  • Belle Cookie
  • Beast Cookie
  • Cinderella Cookie
  • Mulan Cookie
  • Pocahontas Cookie
  • Princess Aurora Cookie
  • Snow White Cookie
  • Ariel Cookie (Ariel Cookie is the only cookie in the list that can walk on both ground and water tiles in your kingdom. She also has a different appearance for each type of tile that she steps on.)

Another thing to note is that these 20 cookies are sorted into a brand new Guest rarity, which means they can’t be promoted, leveled, used in battle, or moved into production buildings.

The new Cream Unicorn can be used to provide excessive damage

Cream Unicorn Cookie is the newest Epic cookie. They transform into a dreaming unicorn, provides a DMG Resist buff to their allies, and do damage and apply a Silence debuff. When enemies are Silenced, their skill cooldown is momentarily stopped, and a butterfly jelly is created where Cream Unicorn has passed.

Cookie Run Kingdom Cream Unicorn Cookie
Image via Devsisters

It flies to their allies and heals them, which is applied in proportion to the amount of damage the target has received. Finally, Cream Unicorn applies a buff that reduces the amount of “True Damage” a cookie gets. Cream Unicorn seems like a cookie that’s good for most game modes, and might even be helpful in your Alliance teams.

New Kingdom Decoration improvements

Players who love decorating their kingdom will be thrilled to find that there are extra improvements added to this update. You can now press an Undo or Redo button in their layout editor. Additionally, if you ever feel like replacing one of the current decors in your kingdom, you can place a new decor on top of the old one, and the two decors will be swapped. The old decor gets moved to your storage.

If you were editing your Cookie Kingdom and the game suddenly closes, you can open your game and still have your previous progress restored. However, if you use a different device to log in then the changes won’t be saved.

Cookie Run Kingdom July 28 update CRK Kingdom decoration improvements
Image via Devsisters

When placing decors in your kingdom, you can see how many copies you have of certain decor in the Layout Editor. If you place a lot and “run out” of a specific decor, you can easily purchase them with the “Buy” shortcut button. You can now change the design for all of your cookie houses at once and remove their “ground” effect anytime.

Finally, you can now buy several kingdom decors at once, and you don’t have to individually buy them anymore. You can tap the “Buy Several” option. However, this only works for decors that can be bought with coins, and the decors that can be bought with gems are limited to one copy only in an effort to prevent accidents.

New improved EXP Star Jelly rewards Are now available

With the Level 70 cap being too high to reach for new or beginner players, the game now provides more EXP Star Jelly throughout the different sources in the game, such as:

  • Cookie Houses
  • Fountain of Abundance (the Fountain provides more coins as well)
  • World Exploration (clearing stages also gives you a higher amount of items)
  • Tower of Sweet Chaos (players get more EXP Star Jellies and coins, but only for repeating trays)

Latte Cookie has received a few buffs to their cookie stats. Their ATK, DEF, and HP have received a 1.5% increase. Their normal DMG has a 20% increase, while their skill has a 70% increased damage from before. A bug where buying extra soul stones from the Mileage Shop gave you additional mileage along with the soul stone has been fixed.

What are your thoughts about the Cookie Run: Kingdom 28th July update? Let us know in the comments section below!

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