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Cookie Run: Kingdom x Disney collaboration brings new Epic Cookie and events

The Festival of Dreams and Wishes update introduces 20 new Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Mulan, and others!

The Festival of Dreams and Wishes update from Devsisters today revealed details for the latest collaboration of Cookie Run: Kingdom with Disney. In-game and cookie versions of 20 of Disney’s most popular characters, including Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White, and others.

Players will be able to interact with the Disney cookies and decorate their kingdoms with 47 new Disney-themed limited edition decorations. The game will be available from today until September 13, 2022, with voiceovers in English, Korean, and Japanese.

“For nearly 100 years, Disney characters have touched the hearts of fans,” said Marie Suh, CEO of Devsisters USA. “Both Disney and the Cookie Run franchise have passionate fan bases, which is one of the many reasons I believe this collaboration will be spectacular.”

As part of this update, a brand-new playable cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, will be added to the roster. By wishing on a star for a “kingdom filled with new friends,” Cream Unicorn Cookie brings all of the Disney cookies to the kingdom. When Cookie Witch hears this wish, she bakes and delivers all of the Disney cookies to the Cookie Kingdom.

Cream Unicorn Cookie is a fantastic support cookie. When the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” skill is used, the cookie transforms into a Unicorn, reducing the damage of normal attacks to allies and preventing enemy skill cooldowns.

Special events are also planned for both fandoms as part of the collaboration. Disney Cookie World is a stamp event that encourages players to participate in Disney-themed activities. These activities include collecting Disney cookies and putting up Disney decorations.

Complete all activities to receive a Disney Magic Cookie Castle, a special skin that resembles Cinderella’s iconic castle. Additionally, players can obtain Disney cookies and decorations through the Disney Cookies and Photo Shoot! event. There will be various rewards available, such as exclusive video content for each character.

What are your thoughts about Cookie Run: Kingdom collaboration with Disney? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Ur mom

Lol, I think the game will be pretty good. Really hope it’s not a greedy thing

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