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Cookie Run: Kingdom June 2022 update brings the Oyster Cookie, Odyssey Chapter 2 and more

Here is everything you need to know!

The Cookie Run: Kingdom June 2022 update is out now, and players will find new features in the game such as a new Super Epic Cookie: Oyster Cookie which is now available from her own limited-time event, which lasts for 43 days. She’s one of the consuls in the Créme Republic and is a summoner Support class cookie. The long-awaited second chapter of Cookie Odyssey will also be part of this update.

Oyster Cookie is the newest Super Epic cookie and the second Super Epic in the game overall. She’s another summoner cookie, so she’ll work especially well in a summoner’s comp with Pumpkin Pie Cookie and Cotton Cookie.

It’s also advisable to use the Seamstress’s Pincushion treasure in your team since this treasure boosts your summoned creatures’ attack and duration. Her skill consists of increasing the CRIT and CRIT DMG stats of her and her allies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom The Illustrious Oyster Cookie New Event

Image via Devsisters

This event lasts for more than a month, so you’ll have enough time to do the majority of the missions. This event has a free-to-play Oyster Cookie pity, so if you have been unlucky with your gacha rolls then focusing on the event is a good idea. Players try their best to collect House Oyster’s Emblems, which can be received from missions, surprise rewards, and packages in the store.

Introducing the Cookie Odyssey: Chapter 2

Cookie Odyssey
Image via Devsisters

The second Odyssey chapter is out now! This chapter works similarly to the first one, but this time around you need to receive Odyssey Quills II, which can be obtained from doing the Odyssey II missions. This chapter features battles as well, unlike Odyssey 1 where it just focused on the story and making you do production and kingdom tasks. Be sure to collect the extra rewards you get from spending Quills, which can be seen in the “Events” tab.

Seven new Costumes are added to the Costume Gacha

The update has 7 new costumes, which are all unlockable from the Costume Gacha. Start spending your Rainbow Cubes and try to get them all! The 4 Epic costumes are Classy Ceremonial Suit (Espresso Cookie), Elegant Knight Vestments (Madeleine Cookie), Pastel Blue (Pure Vanilla Cookie), and Cake Stylist (Red Velvet Cookie).

Image via Devsisters

These costumes feature a blue, yellow and white color scheme, which mirrors the aesthetic of the Créme Republic. Two Rare costumes Blackberry Cookie and Werewolf Cookie are released as well, plus a Common costume for Beet Cookie. Note that there’s no featured gacha for these costumes, so other costumes will also have the same drop rate as them.

Buffs to the older Cookies

The following Cookies will be getting buffed:

  • Red Velvet Cookie: Red Velvet has a 4.7% increased HP stat, and now has a shorter cooldown on his skill. His previous skill had a duration of 20 seconds but has now been shortened to 15.
  • Werewolf Cookie: Like Red Velvet, his base stats have been increased as well. His ATK is now higher by 13.04%, DEF by 4.76%, and HP by 9.3%. Additionally, he has a 20% chance of stunning enemies while he’s transformed, and becomes resistant to interrupting effects during his skill. However, his skill duration is now 10 seconds instead of 8.

Other changes in the Cookie Run: Kingdom June 2022 update

A new decor set called The Republic’s Azure Streets has been added, which features a special interactive decor for Clotted Cream Cookie. A handful of errors have been patched in this update, with the most noticeable one being the error about the Level 12 Squishy Jelly Watch treasure. The description of the treasure had previously said the cooldown reduction is 25.4%, but in reality, it was only reduced by 25%. The description has been fixed now, and compensation rewards have been sent to players’ mailboxes.

What are your thoughts about the Cookie Run: Kingdom June 2022 update? Let us know in the comments section below!

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