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Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update “Summer Soda Rock Festa” set to release on July 21, 2023

A whole new summer vibe!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is releasing the second part of the “Summer Soda Rock Festa” update Version 4.8 on July 21st, 2023. The update will be available after maintenance which will be held around 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9). The new update will be celebrating the joys of summer as the Cookies kick off with hosting a festival to enjoy the summer vibes with an exciting encore. New Cookies, New Costumes, Limited Events, Magic Candies, and new Treasures are awaiting in this patch. 

New Treasure 

  • Type: Special Treasure
Image via Devsisters

Description: Behold! This ice-cold energy drink is the Squirrel Shop’s new summer special! This revitalizing drink will turn the Cookie with the lowest HP at the time into a Giant and restore its HP. In this state, it will be more difficult to push the Cookie back. This Treasure is only available from the seasonal Squirrel Shop.

Tropical Raids

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update
Image via Devsisters

Tropical Raids will appear when you play World Exploration (Story, Dark Mode, and Master Mode), Bounties, the Kingdom Arena, Tropical Soda Islands, the Tower of Sweet Chaos, and Special Episodes. You can either battle boss monsters that have invaded your lands or help out your friends in their efforts to fend off the beasts. The more enemies you defeat, the stronger they become. Bosses may go up to Lv.30.

If you fail to defeat the boss monster, you will encounter a monster of the same level next time. If you defeat a boss, you can earn Deep Sea Coins and a chance to earn a Deep Sea Chest. You will be able to obtain various rewards, including Cookie Soulstones with a certain chance from the Deep Sea Chests. You can use your Deep Sea Coins to purchase Deep Sea Chests, Tropical Raid Tickets, and Tropical Raid Boss Tickets.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update
Image via Devsisters

The higher the level of the Raid Battle, the higher the chance that the player who dealt the final blow will encounter an Epic Boss. There are three different Epic Bosses: when you encounter an Epic Boss, you will encounter one of these bosses at random. The player who deals the final blow to the Epic Boss may encounter the Mythic Boss. For defeating Epic/Mythic Bosses, you can earn additional rewards proportional to the damage dealt to the Boss. The sunbed mechanic from the Tropical Soda Island battles isn’t available in the Tropical Raids.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update
Image via Devsisters

To participate in a Tropical Raid, you need Tropical Raid Tickets. Tropical Raid Tickets recharge over time and can be purchased with Crystals or through watching ads. You can earn Play Rewards, Discovery Rewards, Contribution Rewards, and other various extra rewards in the Tropical Raids. To celebrate the new, upgraded Tropical Raids, we’re having a Tropical Raids Mission Event! Accomplish missions and claim the ‘Squid Ink Cookie’s Golden Memories costume, Giant Squid of the Deep Sea Landmark, special titles, profiles, and other various rewards!

Limited Gacha Event: Summer Squirrel Shop

The Squirrel Shop is visiting the Cookie Kingdom to enjoy the warm summer weather! You can visit the Squirrel Shop through the Squirrel NPC in the Kingdom or via the event pages. The Squirrel Shop offers various items, special seasonal decors, and a unique Treasure available in the Squirrel Shop only. Crunchy Acorns needed for the Squirrel Shop can be obtained by exchanging various goods at the ‘Acorn Market.’ You can purchase Acorns with Crystals or watch ads up to 10 times a day to earn them as well. You will get a free draw in the Acorn Gacha every day. Or you can spend Acorns to make more draws! 

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update
Image via Devsisters

You can also pull Golden Acorns and the special Treasure is only available at the Acorn Gacha! Golden Acorns can be used to purchase special seasonal decors from the Squirrel Shop. Collect Golden Acorns and get all the special decors! ‘Glittering Pins’ that are available from the Squirrel Shop will be changed to different items once the Superstar Gacha ends.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Bomber Cookie
  • Position: Middle

Black Lemonade Cookie is a Bomber Cookie that uses the skill ‘Electrifying Rock!’

Image via Devsisters

Skill Description: Black Lemonade Cookie plays her electric guitar, dealing damage to the enemy with the highest HP (targets Cookies first), inflicting Zap, and applying debuffs that increase Crit DMG the enemy receives and decrease their DEF. She then deals damage to the nearby enemies and inflicts a debuff reducing their ATK. Black Lemonade Cookie grants the Electrifying Rock Spirit buff to the team and strengthens her next regular attacks to target the enemy with the highest HP and enemies near them.

When Ally Cookies with the Electrifying Rock Spirit buff deal Zap damage or a critical hit, their Electrifying Rock! Charge increases. Once the Electrifying Rock! is fully charged, they deal additional damage to enemies. While Black Lemonade Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. Black Lemonade Cookie can equip Tropical Rock Toppings as well. Black Lemonade Cookie is also added to the Chance Up Cookie Gacha and can be selected to further increase the chances.

New Magic Candies

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update
Image via Devsisters

Skill description: With a sweeter and more sincere melody, Parfait Cookie uplifts the spirits of her allies. Upon using her skill, she grants the Paru-paru-parfait! buff and Debuff Immunity to herself and the Cookie with the highest ATK. When Cookies with the Paru-paru-parfait! buff receive healing exceeding their Max HP, the surplus will become an HP Shield. When Parfait Cookie is in the team, other Cookies will receive an Increased Healing buff when their Regular Attacks/Skill Attacks result in a critical hit.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update
Image via Devsisters

Skill description: That much rowing guarantees great strength! When using his skill, Mango Cookie gives himself an HP Shield and can create a bigger mango juice wave with a certain chance. The wave deals higher damage and results in a stronger Airborne status effect.

New Costumes

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update
Image via Devsisters

Meet the four new Showstopper costumes! The new update will release 4 new Costumes for the following Cookies: Rockstar Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Parfait Cookie, and Shining Glitter Cookie. 

  • [EPIC] Rockstar Cookie’s Legend of Rock
  • [EPIC] Shining Glitter Cookie’s Glittering Icon
  • [EPIC] Parfait Cookie’s Black Cherry Rock
  • [EPIC] Werewolf Cookie’s Heartache Howl

New Buildings

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.8 update
Image via Devsisters

Check out the new theme, ‘Blazing Sun Squirrel Shop’ that will be available after the Version 4.8 update is launched.

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