Cookie Run: Project B: Gameplay features, Characters list, Release date and more

Brand new Cookie Run game in 3D!

Yesterday, Cookie Run fans witnessed an amazing show by the title’s developers as the franchise showcased their upcoming lineups and shared lots of details about the games. Devsisters Corporation, a South Korean company that is behind the Cookie Run series, has held its first online event Dev Now 2022, and the persons behind the development of the new titles showcased several pieces of information in front of the Cookie Run community. Now, we’ll take a look at one of the upcoming games, Cookie Run: Project B focusing on gameplay mechanism, characters, and global release date.

Save the cookies from a witch in this strategic co-op action game

One day in a peaceful cookie village, a witch appears from nowhere. The witch transports all the cookies to a tower using her magical power. To save the friends from being eaten by the evil witch, Ginger Brave starts his mission and climbs the tower. The tower looks like a giant slack of pancakes. As Ginger Brave climbs the tower, he meets new friends. Together they courageously fight various monsters on each level. At the top of the tower, he discovers an amazing secret.

Cookie Run ProjectB
Image via Devsisters

Cookie Run: Project B is a strategic co-op action game featuring the cute cookies from the Cookie Run franchise. The cookies will be reborn in 3D in this new title. The game will feature the wonderful environment of Cookie Run in a 3d environment while the uniqueness of each cookie’s action will remain untouched. Cookie Run: Project B has a different action animation.

Upon its release, the developers will include a strategic co-op mode with this diverse set of cookies. Players will choose any cookie their like and take down monstrous bosses. ‘The game will feature simple controls and deliver the awesome characteristics of cookies,’ art director Jay. 

The developers shared little information about the gameplay. But from the actual gameplay footage, it looks like Cookie Run: Project B will offer several cookie characters with abilities of their own. The gameplay looked similar to Brawl Stars like titles or in short, MOBA.

The game is a MOBA sort of title where co-op features will be available, it will have several cookie characters. Each will have its own role and ability. In a team of the characters, players will be able to choose different cookie characters of their choice. The game will introduce more when it will be released. Here is the list of the characters that will be in Cookie Run: Project B. 

  • Cherry cookie: She uses her bomb to wipe out her enemies. She might be a tank in the role.
  • Pistachio cookie: Charges into battle and protect her allies with a protective shield. Pistachio cookie could be a tank or defender. 
  • Angel cookie: She can heal her teammates. A healer hero.
Temple Protector
Image via Devsisters

Besides these three, the game will also have the following characters. We don’t know the details yet. 

  • Icicle cookie
  • Maple cookie
  • Calamansi Cookie
  • Temple protector: This is not going to be a playable character rather it will be a boss on an unknown level. 

Eddie, the producer of Project B who also worked for Cookie Run: OvenBreak as a game designer, has shared that the development began last year. Though there’s no concrete information on the game’s release date, the developers are aiming for a 2023 launch. Besides, the release will be global or limited to some specific regions at first, which is still unknown. 

Cookie Run: Project B is yet to launch. The game is in the development phase and the company said that they will be needing more support to advance in a full swing. So, currently, there are no ways a player can download and play Cookie Run: Project B. But until then, players can head over to TapTap to do the pre-registration. Lucky players will get the chance to participate in the beta (if there are any).

What are your thoughts about the release of Cookie Run: Project B? Let us know in the comments below!

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