Dev Now 2022: Everything that has been revealed at the Cookie Run maker’s first conference

The Cookie Run IP is growing fast!

Devsisters held an online conference, which showcased their existing and upcoming game for their fans. The ‘Dev Now 2022’ event revealed all information regarding the company’s existing and upcoming projects and was scheduled on YouTube on April 14. The video conference featured Devsisters CEO, Lee Ji-hoon, thanking the audience for their love and support. Lee said, “We ask for your continued interest and support in the future of Devsisters, which will grow even more in the future.”

Dev Now also gave information on the news updates of Cookie Run: Kingdom and Cookie Run: OvenBreak, the new Cookie Run IP Witch’s Castle, Oven Smash, Project B, and the fan platform My Cookie Run. The new IP BRIXITY and DeadCide Club‘s information was revealed for the first time.

Games announced at the Devsisters Dev Now 2022 Event

1. Cookie Run: Kingdom

Co-director PD Jo Gil-Hyeon and Lee Eun-Ji shared the future update plans for Cookie Run: Kingdom. The game will have new improvements in terms of decoration. News about the next story was also given where users will go on a new journey to meet powerful cookies from all over the continent. 

2. Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Dev Now 2022 Cookie Run OvenBreak
Image via Devsisters

OvenBreak is the longest-running service in the lineup, with over 150 game updates and 153 new cookies introduced in 10 years. Producer Bae Hyung-wook thanked the audience for their constant support, which has kept the IP running for ten years.

3. Cookie Run: Oven Smash 

Various play modes are in preparation for Oven Smash, such as battle royale mode, wanted star mode for 5:5 battles, and treasure hunt mode. There will be five players in wanted star mode, whereas in Battle Royale mode, there will be 30 players where one team has ten players who can win by finding three treasures and bringing them to the goal point.

4. Project B

Cookie Run IP new games
Image via Devsisters

Project B is a 3D action game that has been under development by Devsisters since last year. The game has easy and casual controls and actions that take advantage of the individuality of the cookies. You can play strategically, such as defeating huge bosses. In addition to existing cookies, you can find original cookies such as icicle, calamansi, and maple flavors. Project B might launch sometime in 2023.

5. Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle

Cookie Run Witchs Castle
Image via Devsisters

Witch’s Castle is an adventure puzzle game by Cookie Run IP that revolves around the story of baked cookies in a Witch’s oven that comes to life. Players will solve puzzles to crumble the maze-like witch’s Castle. The game might release in 2023 and is up for pre-registration

6. My Cookie Run

My Cookie Run is a fan platform by Devsisters, and the team intends to increase effective communication with their users through this platform. The Cookie Run Global Store supports delivery services for overseas fans, is now open, and the Cookie castle consisting of 1454 bricks, was also unveiled during Dev Now.

7. Brixity

Brixity is a new mobile construction simulation game by Devsisters. Players can build their buildings using bricks and go on to build an entire city. Users have no limits to put their creativity and design skills into use to build cute and beautiful buildings. Players can also share ideas and communicate with users from all over the world.

8. DeadCide Club

Dead Cide Club is a new 3D side-scrolling shooting game by Devsisters. Players will be put into closed rooms to fight to become the last man surviving to win. Players can use weapons like guns, bombs, and hooks and acquire more powerful weapons and supplies by defeating monsters and acquiring coins.

The game will have its first phase of closed beta tests later this month and is scheduled to release through steam in the third quarter of 2022. However, the game is not for mobile as of now.

Devsisters revealed a lot of information about the event. Now we can only wait for the updates and improvements introduced to their existing game and the countdown to release their new games.

What are your thoughts about Devsisters ‘Dev Now’ 2022 Event? Let us know in the comments section below!

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