Corporate Piranha is a new strategic digital board game, now available on Android and iOS

Comes with a built-in Stock-Market Feature

The independent mobile interactive company known as CORPORATE PIRANHA ENTERTAINMENT has recently declared that its new strategy game Corporate Piranha is now available on mobile devices. This follows its successful debut in the USA, South Africa, and Asia Pacific. The company expresses enthusiasm over the positive feedback received thus far and holds an optimistic outlook for further expansion as additional players participate and enjoy the game.

Corporate Piranha brings entertainment to the Digital Board game world

The Director of Operations at CORPORATE PIRANHA ENTERTAINMENT, Chris Christou, asserted that their unaltered single-player, strategic digital board game maintains mathematical purity and relies on probability. He mentioned that players can enjoy the thrill of playing Corporate Piranha without needing business or stock market expertise.

Corporate Piranha
Image via Corporate Piranha Entertainment

The game combines elements of company takeovers and its own stock market, rewarding players with shares of the acquired companies during each playthrough. Its random game mechanics, monthly global challenges, and the potential to host future competitions contribute to a fun digital board gaming experience suitable for players of all skill levels.

Players are presented with the option to roll one or two dice and faced with various choices, putting their problem-solving abilities to the test. As they strive for financial dominance, they must devise strategies to navigate through ruthless Corporate Raiders, Bull and Bear markets, Insider Trading, Taxation, and the fluctuating values of their company’s stockholdings and investments.

Corporate Piranha gameplay
Image via Corporate Piranha Entertainment

To add to the excitement, multiple leaderboards are available, allowing players to challenge themselves against competitors from around the world. The companies, stock market, and investments that feature in the game are fictitious and it is not a gambling game. It has achieved a dedicated player base of more than 15,000 users and continues to grow. Interested players can now download the game from Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

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