CRL West 2019 fourth week: Highlights and more

The fourth week of CRL West 2019 just ended! It has been a very interesting weekend, full of cool matches and close battles! Let’s jump into it and take a look at the highlights of this fourth weekend!

Saturday, October 5th: Seventh-day of CRL West 2019

The matches of this seventh day of the competition were really interesting! Let’s take a look at the schedule down below:

crl fourth week matches 1

This time, three teams played twice: Tribe, Misfits and Immortals! The matches were really variegate. Tribe Gaming VS Misfits Gaming was a 2-1 for Tribe. NRG eSports VS Team Queso was surprisingly a win for NRG. Immortals VS FNATIC was another surprising good win for FNATIC. Team Liquid VS Pain Gaming ended up being a 2-1 for Liquid. Complexity VS Dignitas went in a 2-1 for Dignitas, that are slowly getting more wins over time. Cream VS eSports VS Misfits Gaming was a 2-1 for Cream. Finally, Tribe Gaming VS Immortals finished in a 2-1 for Immortals.

With the increase of Fishermen over the past month, the teams actually started bringing more counters to it. One of them was the Royal Recruits, who had an increase in use rate in both 1v1’s and 2v2’s! We will see how the meta is going to evolve after the start of the new season!

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Sunday, October 6th: Eighth day of CRL 2019

The matches of the second day of this week-end were kind of interesting as well. Let’s take a look at what the schedule looked like:

crl fourth week matches 2

To start things off, Pain Gaming VS SK Gaming ended up with a 2-0 for SK. Team Queso VS Cream eSports went with a clean 2-0 for Queso. Misfits Gaming VS Team Liquid was a very surprising 2-0 for Misfits, completely killing Liquid in this set. Dignitas VS NRG eSports was a 2-1 victory for NRG. Later FNATIC VS Complexity ended up with another 2-0 for FNATIC, putting Complexity very very low on the leaderboards. Finally, SK Gaming VS Tribe ended up with a 2-1 for SK.

This time, only SK Gaming played twice, while Immortals didn’t play at all. The meta was basically the same as the day before, and we surely expect some changes for the next week. The new balance changes and the new card are going to shake the meta a lot! Check them out in our recent post!

Now, let’s take a look at the actual leaderboard after this week matches:

leaderboard 1
leaderboard 2
leaderboard 3

This is it for this CRL West 2019 fourth week! Who do you think will be getting the lead in the next matches? And how are the next updates going to shake the meta?

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