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Cyberika: Kefir releases a brand new cyberpunk-themed MMORPG

Survival of the fittest is the only law

Cyberika is a new actionadventure MMORPG from Kefir Game Studio set in a cyberpunk theme. Previously known for releasing titles like Last Day on Earth, Grim Soul, they are now here with the release of a brand new story-based story-based Action RPG with a cyberpunk setting: Cyberika. The players need to explore and conquer Bradbury Complex, a city of the not-so-distant future. The city was supposed to be a flawless example of the new world, one progressing at an insane pace. But as usual, humanity lost control of that progress and ended up a prisoner of its own weaknesses.

Gameplay Overview

Cyberika has all the essentials of the Cyberpunk genre from defiantly stylish or freaky-looking punks, battle robots, noodle stands set against skyscrapers, and lots and lots of neon. The city, Bradbury Complex is currently under the total control of wealthy corporations, street gangs, and regulators. The players will interact with locals, complete quests, fight enemies in dark alleys, and speed down neon-lit streets in sportscars. If you want a peaceful existence, there’s always Downtown, the region where you can interact with other players from all over the world.

Cyberika release
Cyberika with it’s release brings a whole new cyberpunk world

The game offers dynamic but easy-to-learn combat, special abilities, recharging, and hideouts. In this cyberpunk-dominated world, augmentations have become the basic tool for enhancing human abilities. By combining various augmentations from the wide variety available at the beginning, players can create customized characters and determine their own personal gameplay style. Besides the character, players can customize their weapons, outfits, and pretty much everything they own and wear in-game! The player can also access various meta-gameplay mechanics in their apartment, such as a shower, food delivery, augmentation management, equipment repair, etc. In the future, the devs hope to bring more high-end real estate to the player’s disposal.

Inside the cities of Cyberika

One of the first online mechanics that players come across is Downtown, a large social hub in the middle of the city where they will be able to interact with players. While exploring Downtown, players can also receive story quests, update their store equipment, visit the clinics and change their getup.

Cyberika release
The streets are always lit with neon lights

In this cyberpunk city, players encounter various gangs that differ in appearance and sometimes come into conflict with one another. Enemies may patrol their turf, call for backup, and work together. The city becomes especially beautiful at night when thousands of neon signs come into bloom. Traveling between the city’s locations is small but like a fun minigame of its own. Players can leave their car on autopilot or take the wheel themselves to get to their destination considerably faster. The devs are looking soon to adding more mechanics, including a brand new chase mode with more stylish cars.

What makes Cyberika unique

According to the devs, while creating Cyberika, they worked on to remove mechanics that players didn’t like to increase their engagement and enjoyment of the gameplay. Energy, crafting, being unable to repair items and losing them when the character dies—have all been replaced all this with brand new mechanics that maintain a balance and manage game sessions in a slightly different way. At the same time, the conventional third-person view and user-friendly controls have been retained.

Cyberika gives all fans of mobile games the opportunity to dive into a real cyberpunk setting. That is why we combined our collective expertise to create a truly unique gaming experience for Cyberika’s players.

kefir games

There has been a lot of detailing to visuals, entertaining quests, and colorful, charismatic NPCs to anticipate the growing demands of mobile gamers, who expect their mobile devices to deliver an experience similar to that of modern PCs and consoles. The story mode gradually teaches players the basic mechanics of the game and smoothly leads into the multiplayer co-op mechanics that we will be adding in stages while considering the particular features of mobile gaming sessions. Additionally, the game’s original soundtrack includes songs by Magic Sword, Power Glove, and many other well-known synth-wave and retro-wave artists.

You can jump into the streets of Cyberika from your devices, either through Google Play or App Store. Upgrade your weapon, skills, and body to be the best-hired gun in the city. And to make sure you always stand out in the crowd, customize your car, jacket or gun. Remember, in this cyberpunk world there’s no place for weakness. 

What are your thoughts on the release of Cyberika from Kefir Games? Did you try it out yet? Let us know in the comment section below!

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