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10 Best Cyberpunk games on mobile you should definitely try

As Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, check out the best Cyberpunk experiences on mobile!

It is apparent that a high number of mobile gamers do not have a great liking for SciFi and especially cyberpunk games. Perhaps the reason is that game developers haven’t really taken the time to stretch and actually create a great looking cyberpunk game that mobile gamers will adore. Unlike the console and PC platforms, there is still a lot of flagship and high-end games that gamers are yet to experience on the mobile platform. Cyberpunk 2077 is arguably the most anticipated game of 2020 on console and PC. As it finally debuts for the latter mentioned platforms, we have set up a list of the 10 best Cyberpunk games that are available for you to play on your mobile device.

Best Cyberpunk mobile games

10. Cyber Strike

The game takes place in a menacing universe where evil robots are sent to stop you from reaching your goal. Your protagonist is a female character whose stylish body armor often protects her from enemy attacks.

The game offers well-inclined controls, cool-looking graphics, tough levels (as you progress), and above all, a nice SciFi feels that puts it in the Cyberpunk category. The game is currently only available for iOS devices.

9. CyberHero

This is one of the strategy games that really offers a beautiful cyberpunk experience on mobile. The game pits off two characters against each other in a one on one standoff, and the player with the better aim emerges victorious.

The game controls aren’t very commendable, however, the game is kinda slow passed, and for players who prefer fast-shooting and stuff, they might not exactly love it. The online feature is cool and the levels are interesting. CyberHero is currently available only as a Beta version for Android, and you can sign up for early access here on the official website.

8. Alita: Battle Angel

Inspired by the Alita Battle Angel movie, the mobile game also takes place in the same SciFi universe, offering players the chance to explore the robotic and less-human universe with their protagonist. The mobile game, however, is a mobile MMORPG, and being online, players get to play with other players as well. Teaming up and even taking on bosses together.

The game’s graphics look, and the characters system is quite similar to that of the movie itself. The controls are alright, and the combat is a hack and slash sort of fighting style. Sadly the developers decided to shut down the game back in November 2019, making it unavailable across the app stores

7. Blade Runner Nexus

Blade Runner offers an interestingly unique cyberpunk feel that the latter listed games don’t exactly offer. While it’s not exactly an open world or MMORPG, the game stands as a strategic SciFi set in a cyberpunk city filled with crime. The strategic gameplay pits 3 players against other players, giving each other, giving each of them a turn to attack or use a feature they choose.

The graphics are really cool, the controls are okay, and the gameplay is very sleek. This is one of the cyberpunk games which are set to land on mobile in the near future. It is currently available only as a Beta version, and you can sign up for early access here on the official website.

6. Hyperdrome

Developed by Travian Games, Hyperdrome is a SciFi racer that has you controlling a supercar in a blue-ish cyberpunk universe. The vehicles tend to become more and more difficult to control as you progress further, and your opponent becomes tougher as well.

The game controls are a bit complicated, but players should get used to it after a couple of races. The vehicles are equipped with cool features such as nitro, missiles, and shield vessels.

5. Arknights

While not exactly possessing the complete cyberpunk look and feel, Arknights offers an extensive and strategic SciFi gameplay experience. Players get to take control of four protagonists, each with their special abilities and fighting styles.

Your enemies are some evil snail looking thingies, and you get increased XP as you kill more and more of them. You can place and formation each of your four protagonists as you want and put them to use. The game’s on-screen controls are good, the graphics are moderate and the gameplay is interesting.

4. Rider

Rider is a solo arcade racer in a dark presence with colorful lights. The car can perform sick moves such as the backflip and front flip. Players get to perform these skills and increase their game currency in order to progress and unlock cool stuff.

The game is pretty easy to play and gets very addictive easily.

3. Neon Shadow

Made by the widely known Crescent Moon Games, Neon Shadow is one of the most popular FPS shooters on mobile, offering a beautiful and intense cyberpunk narrative that deals with a commendable storyline in a SciFi world.

The game controls aren’t very easy to navigate through, Movement can be hard, making it difficult to dodge enemy bullets and other attacks. The graphics is pretty cool, and the storyline is good as well.

2. PinOut

This is an addictive SciFi game with a touch of realism to it. The game offers really beautiful cyberpunk experience in form of controlling a bright ball on a colourful bridge-like universe.

The game offers a nice soundtrack backed up by colorful and addictive gameplay.

1. Cyber Hunter

It didn’t take long for Cyber Hunter to become one of the most downloaded Battle Royale games on mobile and one of the most played. The game offers a beautiful and colorful universe that is not comparable to the likes of PUBG in terms of beauty. The game provides insane gadgets for players and allows free customization of characters before you head into battle. The gameplay is very similar to the gameplay of the most popular Battle Royale you know and love.

The graphics is excellent, controls are good, online servers are very stable, and the game offers a unique cyberpunk feel combined with different modes for extended gameplay. All of this, combined, seals the first place among cyberpunk games on mobile for Cyber Hunter.

Final thoughts

If you own a flagship console or PC, then we hope you enjoy playing the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 on your machine as it just released. However, for those of you on mobile, this is what we have for you in relation to some of the best Cyberpunk games you can get your hands on.

What are some of your favourite cyberpunk games on mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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