Dark and Darker Mobile to begin a new round of CBT this August in select regions

Another round of testing!

Following the conclusion of the recently closed beta in April, KRAFTON is gearing up for a new round of CBT for its upcoming action title Dark and Darker Mobile this August 2024 in select regions.

Dark and Darker Mobile aims to bring an enthralling dungeon-crawler gameplay full of mystery

Developed by Bluehole Studio, the game aims to be an exciting combination of high-stake combat battle royales with dungeon-crawling and RPG elements. The exclusive global license was obtained by KRAFTON in August of 2023, and hence the mobile adaptation prepares to bring the medieval fantasy action to life.

In this title, as you go on an adventure through dungeons full of treasures and special environments on the hunt to get your hands on the treasure, an unknown force known as the Darkswarm continues to push all players and other threats at its own pace. Players must find an escape portal to get out with their loot, or else they face losing everything to either escaping or total failure.

There are different classes you can choose, including five for the mobile devices ranging from Barbarian, Ranger, Cleric, Rogue, and Fighter, with adventures changing for every class. Besides that, core gameplay should mostly remain the same between PC and mobile. The experience will only be optimized and possibly enhanced to better fit mobile platforms.

According to the official announcement, players from select regions including the United States, Japan, Turkey, and South Korea will be able to participate in the CBT of Dark and Darker Mobile that will begin in early August. The dates and platforms haven’t been announced yet, so until then, keep an eye on this space so that you will be notified once I update more details here.

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