Need For Speed Mobile to release globally in Fall 2024

Coming with personalized spatial sound!

Need For Speed Mobile is one of the most awaited upcoming games for the year 2024. After being around for a long time, Need For Speed Mobile is finally going to release globally in the Fall of 2024.

The date, though, isn’t revealed but the wait is soon going to end for players waiting once again for a mobile-exclusive NFS title. This announcement was a part of Apple’s WWDC 2024 event where we also got to see the news of Assassin’s Creed Shadows.

Need For Speed Mobile is expected to arrive on both Android and iOS, with the pre-registrations yet to begin

The global release of one of the most iconic racing titles is expected to be on both Android and iOS. The iOS version is confirmed though the game hasn’t opened pre-registration yet. Given that there should be a decent amount of time for completing the milestone of pre-registered players and the release after, the game is likely to come by the end of 2024.

Besides, a Pioneer Test was also carried out last year for Android in select regions including Australia, Canada, Indonesia, and Mexico. Thus, fans can expect the title’s release on Android as well.

Need For Speed Mobile announces Pioneer Test
Image via Electronic Arts

As we progress to the release date, more interesting features of the game continue to be unveiled. The game’s China version Producer confirms Need For Speed Mobile to get 40-player races, an original storyline, and more. The game is trying its level best to deliver a console-like experience though it is left with a detailed graphical touch.

Need For Speed Mobile will come with personalized spatial audio on iPhone

Need For Speed Mobile, as crawling to its release, is hyping the fans more with the addition of its latest features. It is not surprising that the game wants the players to get the best possible experience. As part of that, the game will be coming with Apple’s personalized spatial audio. It is the next version of the surrounding sound and creates a 3D sound environment after tracking the head movement of the listener.

As the feature is a part of Apple’s spatial audio and only supports iOS 15 and above, players with devices compatible with the version can enjoy the effect. However, they’ll also need compatible headphones that support head tracking. Thus, not many players might get a feel of the improved sound experience.

Need For Speed Mobile gameplay
Image via Electronic Arts

The news has been around for quite a long period. After a hint was spotted in 2022, the game was announced to be released in China. Later a private closed beta surfaced and we shared our thoughts after watching the leaked gameplay footage. And, on July 2023, the game became available as early access in Australia followed by the announcement of a pioneer test for Android ahead of the second closed beta.

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