Delta Force: Hawk Ops PC beta to kick off in China on January 25, 2024

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Delta Force: Hawk Ops will have its Closed Beta testing phase beginning on January 25, 2024, which will be a PC exclusive for the players in China. Here, the Delta Force: Hawk Ops beta participants will get a chance to the Extraction mode and Large Scale Battlefield Mode.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops beta will feature multiple modes to try and test

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a cross-platform tactical shooter with TiMi Studios at the helm of development duties that was first announced globally on August 19, 2023. The game had already been unveiled for the Chinese market in the same year in July as Operation Delta, and by October 2023, the Global Play Testing Roadmap for the game was disclosed.

Delta Force Game, Delta Force Hawk Ops
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Building on the legacy of the original Delta Force, known for its cutting-edge shooting mechanics, the game aims to recreate the same intensity and authenticity. Players can engage in ground, air, and water combat, accessing a wide array of assault vehicles, helicopters, armored vehicles, attack boats, terrain vehicles, jeeps, pickups, fighter jets, and drones.

Speaking of the modes that the players can try their hand at in the new beta test as reported on X (formerly Twitter), in Extraction Mode you will be facing off against rival teams or AI-controlled mercenaries and royal guards, where you will undertake PvE missions in the Hazard Operations. Large-Scale PvP Mode, as the name suggests, will be taking place on a huge map where the action takes place.

Well, that’s all we know as of now. Nothing regarding the mobile or console beta details, but as soon as we finish with the PC tests, we might get to see them arrive. Upon global launch, the cross-platform title Delta Force: Hawk Ops will be available on PC, Consoles, and Mobile devices, for which the dates are unknown. Keep an eye on the official website here for more details and updates regarding the game.

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