Desert Nomad is a new survival title in early access from the makers of Raft Survival

Survive in an ancient desert wasteland

Desert Nomad is a new simulation title in the series of survival games by Treastone Ltd. with new enemies, items, survival on an island, and ocean exploration on a boat and it is currently available on early access. Players will have to build and upgrade their raft for survival in the sea, defend it from sharks and explore the vast world around them.

Desert Nomad is a free survival online game where the player can play as a lone survivor trapped in the vast expanses of the desert sand oceans and the only objective left is to try and survive on a raft that floats in the air. They will have to do everything so as not to die of malnutrition and dehydration, and not to meet up with death in the clutches of desert monsters, ready to finish them off at any moment. Players will also get to traverse the vast lands of the desert, watch the indicators of health, hunger, and thirst, and look for other survivors.

Build your own raft as the only survivor on Earth

Players will have to make a survival strategy and they can’t afford to miss the slightest detail, because in the new territories they can find unique resources for the development of the raft, meet new types of animals and monsters, as well as complete themed tasks and receive valuable rewards. For developing a successful raft, the player would need to make their safe zone and stock up on useful resources. 

Desert Nomad early access

They can also build machines for the extraction of water and food, as well as devices for crafting clothes and materials to improve the raft. Players will get to travel in a new and improved model of the game raft, which is presented in the form of a giant balloon. They will have to build the first floor, install the necessary stations and equipment, reinforce the raft with fences and metal walls to defend against the attacks of aggressive enemies

Desert Nomad: A title with high-end HD 3D graphics on early access

The gameplay has been diversified by the developers by the addition of quests and passage of an exciting storyline with quest tasks. Players will also have to fight monsters who look like zombies and defend their raft from craters who are eager to feast on them. The game has high-end 3D graphics to enjoy playing in. The desert, animal, and plant worlds of the game are made in HD quality, and the elements of clothing, armor, and items are highly detailed.

Desert Nomad is supported on absolutely any device. The game is well optimized and one can play it even on the weakest devices. The game is available for early access on Android devices, iOS users will have to wait for a while to get their hands on the title.

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