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Details of the upcoming COD Mobile Season 2 of 2022 has been leaked

A sneak peek into the upcoming features!

The release date for the upcoming season of COD Mobile has reportedly been leaked. It is expected that Season 2 of 2022 will be launched this very month on February 21. In COD Mobile a new season means new weapons, new maps, and multiple free-to-play items. Season 1 is still going on and players are enjoying every moment of it. In season 2 more iconic lucky draws and legendary characters are expected.

There are still a few days left for season 1 to end and there is much content still available for players. The Battle Pass counter in the game shows us the time left for a season’s Battle Pass to end and based on the duration left for Season 1 we can expect Season 2 of COD Mobile will be released on February 21 unless there are any delays in development.

2022 COD Mobile Season 2 legendary blueprints leaked

Players can already get a look at the multiple legendary blueprints for Season 2 which has been leaked and players will be able to unlock these blueprints from upcoming lucky draws when the next season arrives. These blueprints are already in the game files but their first look is currently unavailable. 

COD Mobile Captain price
Image via Activision

Based on the leaks, Captain Price is getting a legendary blueprint for Season 2 of 2022. Any update on Captain Price generates a lot of hype because of his popularity from the Call of Duty mythos. 

Also, the HBRa3 is getting a legendary blueprint and players are expecting the weapon to get some buffs in the next weapon balance update. The HBRa3 is a standard assault rifle with medium damage and high vertical recoil. Although the vertical recoil is high, it is easily controllable.

Another legendary blueprint for PP19 Bizon will be released. The Bizon is a well-balanced automatic submachine gun with a high-capacity helical magazine. The SMG was first added to the game in April 2021 as part of the Season 3: Tokyo Escape update and has been a favorite ever since.

COD Mobile Season 2 2022 leaked
Image via Activision

The Type-25 assault rifle might continue to be dominant in the next season and players might also be receiving some free blueprints for the same. The Kilo-141 which has been a fan favorite in season 1 of CODM is also expected to get a legendary or epic blueprint in the upcoming season.

What are your thoughts on the COD Mobile Season 2 of 2022 detail leaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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