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Devil May Cry Mobile first look: Here is what we know

With the rise of mobile gaming, every big franchise is targeting this booming market. Hit PC/Console games like PUBG, Call of Duty series, Fortnite, etc. have already had pretty good success. And, with the passing days, more are joining the mobile games industry. Capcom’s Devil May Cry franchise has already gained immense popularity. And a Devil May Cry Mobile game might be available very soon for everyone.

A Chinese company named Yunchang Game got a license from Capcom to develop the DMC Mobile 2 years ago. First unveiled during the Honor 9X series conference in Xi’an, the full name of the game is Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat. And recently, on a Devil May Cry Mobile first-look video, a lot of things have been revealed about this upcoming game.

Devil May Cry Mobile announcement, DMC Mobile
Announcement of DMC Mobile in the Honor 9X series conference

What do we know about Devil May Cry Mobile

From the video posted by popular Chinese mobile YouTuber ReyLagarto, we inferred these pieces of information. The game is a purely RPG game. In the beginning, players will start with the popular DMC character Dante. They will get the option to choose their difficulty level as well. It is either ‘Easy’ or ‘Difficult’. The game starts in a pub where Dante is talking to the bartender and suddenly a monster appears.

The gameplay of DMC Pinnacle of Combat

Players will have onscreen buttons for guns, blades, jump, and dash. From the Devil May Cry Mobile first look gameplay we could infer that the gameplay is pretty smooth. It also features the different attack combos. Players will also have access to the shop for in-game transactions. And there might be some upgrade options for the weapons. About the game modes, Devil May Cry Mobile will feature different game modes like Team Battles, and PvP.

Devil May Cry Mobile, DMC Mobile
Skillset in Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat

The current state of the game

Currently, the game is purely in Chinese and available for pre-registration. If you are from China, you can try the pre-registration by clicking here. It shows that the game has already received over 545,000 pre-registrations. This surely shows the popularity of the Devil May Cry franchise.

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When Devil May Cry Mobile will release globally

While the game is currently in the Chinese language, we have no clue when the English version will arrive. We can’t even guarantee that the game will actually get an English version. But we can only hope that we get a chance to experience the popular Devil May Cry franchise on our mobile devices.

Please watch the video below to get a detailed idea about Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat

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