Last Kings is now available globally

Last Kings is finally released across the globe and the battle with the heroes for the throne has begun. Are you ready for large-scaled army battles and to conquer what is rightfully yours?

What is Last Kings?

In Last Kings, you’re becoming a hero and are fighting to build your own kingdom. Bring glory to your name, so everyone knows who you are. You will venture into dungeons and battle your way through. To do that, use your amazing tactical knowledge in battle.

Rule the world by expanding your domain in Aurum, combine forces with allies and choose the perfect faction. Heroes can use special and powerful skills to help you in the battles

You will form a party of 5 heroes. It has a strategic turn-based combat system, as well as some RTS (Real-Time Strategy) elements implemented. Meaning you will be required to pay attention to what is happening to the game, do some micromanagement as well as controlling various different units at the same time.

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Last Kings is on Mobile and PC

The game is developed by Barunson Entertainment & Arts (Barunson EA) and NX Games and runs on the Unreal Engine 4. Be amazed by the great graphics the game has to offer! It will also feature cross-platform between PC and mobile once the Steam release happens.

Requirements for Mobile


OSAndroid 8.0 or higher Android 7.0 or higher
RAM4.0 GB or higher2.0 GB or higher


OSiOS 10.1.1 or higher iOS 10 or higher
RAM3.0 GB or higher2.0 GB or higher

For more info, feel free to visit the official website.

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