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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat introduces a new character Trish, a demon created by the Demon King

The Wait is finally over!

The latest update to the Capcom-licensed mobile game, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, is set to thrill fans with the introduction of a new character, Trish. This addition has been eagerly anticipated by the game’s community, especially since the inclusion of character V had led many to speculate about Trish’s imminent arrival.

Trish, a demon who bears a remarkable resemblance to Dante’s mother, is known within the Devil May Cry series as both a formidable foe and an ally to Dante. Created by the Demon King, Trish eventually sides with Dante, teaching him valuable lessons about the complexities of demon nature.

Trish unleashes her “Light in the Dark” hunting style

Scheduled to make her first appearance on May 30, Trish brings a unique hunting style called “Light in the Dark” to “Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.” She wields the power of lightning and the legendary Sparda sword, allowing her to execute a diverse range of powerful combos.

Devil May Cry Trish hunting style
Image via Capcom

Her style skill ends with a dramatic flourish that not only resets the hunter-switching cooldown but also triggers the Quick Time Event (QTE) of other hunters. Additionally, Trish’s gauntlet combo features a sequence where the second and third strikes create a massive tornado, launching enemies into the air and dealing significant damage.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat introduces strategic lineups featuring Trish

Light in the Dark” is recommended to be paired with two specific lineups for optimal effectiveness:

  • Heart Breaker Lineup: This setup includes “Endless Judgment” and “Charismatic Ally.” It focuses on building MP through attacks, enabling Trish to activate “Devil Trigger” and enhance physical damage with “Sparda Overdrive.” This triggers “Charismatic Ally’s” QTE, leading to powerful combo finishes with “Perfect Judgment Cuts.”
  • Electric Freedom Lineup: This lineup pairs Trish with “Count Thunder” and “One-Man Show.” It leverages the ability to trigger notes by attacking, enhancing MP regeneration and damage before unleashing ultimate skills. Trish’s “Shatter Dragon” increases electric damage taken by enemies, complementing “Count Thunder’s” rapid slashes and “Judgment Dance.”
Devil May Cry Trish lineup
Image via Capcom

The return of the popular electric hunter, Count Thunder, alongside Trish’s debut, promises to enhance the gameplay experience for “Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat” players. Players can now explore Trish’s dynamic capabilities in this electrifying update.

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