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Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia celebrates its 5th anniversary with new Events and other in-game items

Square Enix begins commemorations for the 5th Anniversary of fan-favorite mobile RPG Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia. It’s the ideal time to start up the game for those who haven’t had a chance to play because Square Enix has launched exciting new in-game content, rewards, and events in appreciation of the gamers who have supported the title as well as additional benefits targeted at new players.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia 5th anniversary will bring new events and promotions to the game

Special Draw

Players can participate in a 50+1 Draw Banner to win in-game weaponry for FINAL FANTASY characters from now until March 2 (UTC). This Draw Banner pool will include all BT, FR, LD, and EX weapons launched on or before January 25, and this Draw will ensure that at least one BT weapon is featured. Players can purchase an additional 50+1 Draw Ticket from a chest sale that is only available in the Global Version until March 2, 2023, in addition to the single 50+1 Draw.

Campaign Daily Draw Banner

A Daily Draw Banner will be available now until March 2 (UTC) for one free Multi Draw a day, and all FR, LD, and EX weapons released on and before January 25 will be included in the Draw Banner pool.

Free First Multi Draws

All Draw Banners starting during the Anniversary Campaign period will feature a free first Multi Draw, featuring different weapons for different events.

Global-First BT, FR Release, Weapon Gloss Sale, and Costume Sale for Penelo

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia 5th anniversary
Image via Square Enix

Up until February 23 (UTC), Penelo, a beloved character from Final Fantasy XII, will be celebrated with a “Global-First” BT and FR weapon release, a Weapon Gloss Gem Sale, and a Costume Sale. Penelo’s FR weapon and her BT weapon are both available to players until February 14 (UTC), as well as till February 23.

Visit this link to watch Penelo’s BT/FR showcase video on YouTube. Additionally, until February 14 there will be a Global-First Weapon Gloss Sale for “Moogle Pan,” a dagger-like weapon, to coincide with the launching of Penelo’s weaponry. Last but not least, a new Penelo costume based on her look in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift will be accessible until February 23.

5th Anniversary Event: Crevasse

Players have until February 14 to take part in this unique, limited-time event (UTC). Players can get Status Badges, High Power Stones, and Force Stone Fragments by finishing this event.

Double Experience for All Characters

For the duration of the 5-year anniversary celebration, all characters will receive twice as many EXP and Summon Points as usual, making it the ideal time for players to level up their squad.

Special Tutorial Bonus and New Warrior Chest Sale

To aid new players in beginning their travels in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, several new perks are available. New players who haven’t finished Chapter 1 of “Primus Island” yet will now through March 2 (UTC) earn additional goodies for finishing the chapter, including 20,000 Gems, 250 EX Power Orbs, 250 EX Guard Orbs, and more.

Additionally, starting on January 31, new chests will be added to the 14-day New Warrior Gem Sales, which players can purchase upon logging in for the first time or creating an account. Players can draw for more weapons by using the Draw Tickets x20 or x80 included in these chest sets.

Anniversary Sticker and Status Badges

From now until March 2 (UTC), six new Status Badges will be obtainable in-game, along with a brand-new animated 5th Anniversary Sticker that may be utilised in Co-op Battles. One Status Badge will be given away for free via the Login Bonus until March 2, and two Status Badge Icons will be added permanently on the Badge Token Exchange. Clearing anniversary events such as CREVASSE NORMAL and HARD until February 14 and “Dare 2 Defy” until March 13 will get you the final three of the six new Status Badges.

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