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Dragon Ball Legends 2nd anniversary: Everything you need to know

After some dry weeks of content, Bandai Namco finally revealed what’s coming for the Dragon Ball Legends 2nd anniversary. As we all expected, there’s a bunch of new units, new features, and new events that will allow us to stack a lot of Chrono Crystals easily!

New units revealed

This time, units from two different sagas will be released for the Dragon Ball Legends 2nd anniversary celebration. Dragon Ball Super (Goku Black) saga and GT are the protagonists of this HUGE celebration. Without any further ado, let’s get started with the first saga.

Dragon Ball Super

1. Vegito Blue

BLU color. The new Legendary Finish unit for Legends, they didn’t reveal all of his kits but we already know that he has a cover change nullifies on his ultimate, and locks in the enemy every time he uses his blue card. No doubts on it, he will be top tier and will be a must-have for Godki, Fusions, and Future tag teams.

Dragon Ball Legends 2nd anniversary
Vegito Blue LF Art Card

2. Super Saiyan Rage Trunks

YEL color, and a great addition to Future, Vegeta family and Hybrid tags. He is a defensive powerhouse with pretty high damage. Trunks can also heal himself and reduce the damage received and increase the damage inflicted. Perfect addition in order to counter the current top tier PUR units.

Dragon Ball Legends 2nd anniversary

3. Fusion Zamasu

PUR Color, an all-in-one unit that fits perfectly on Godki or Future tags. He gets buffed during the whole match as battle prolongs, and has a strike arts cover change.

These were all the units coming from Dragon Ball Super. Next up is the another saga, GT.


1. Full Power Super Saiyan 4 Goku

GRN color can be used on GT, Saiyan, or son family teams. He is focused on blast attack, although he can deal decent damage with strike arts too. He gets defense buffs when paired with other Saiyans and heals himself after the ultimate attack. All of this happens while stacking damage buff by using blast cards.

Dragon Ball Legends 2nd anniversary

2. Omega Shenron

RED Color and a perfect addition for GT and Regen teams. He has high strike and blast damage and increases damage dealt and reduces damage received every time he enters the battlefield. He has an amazing green card that inflicts multiple statuses to his opponents and increases allies ultimate damage.

Dragon Ball Legends 2nd anniversary

And that wraps up pretty much everything we know about the new upcoming units. We can predict Godki, Future, Fusions, and GT to be the very best teams in the game, with Regen being there too. Players should not forget that they will get tons of Chrono crystals during the Dragon Ball Legends 2nd anniversary events and stuff. Get ready and good luck for everyone’s summons.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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Why i can’t use multi-z power on SSGSS Vegito BLU?

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