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Dragon Quest of The Stars is now available globally with servers going live tomorrow

In 2019, Square Enix announced their plans to launch their free-to-play game Dragon Quest of The Stars, worldwide. Dragon Quest of The Stars is a free-to-play role-playing game based in the Dragon Quest universe. The game had released in Japan in 2015 for iOS as well as Android.

dragon quest of the stars global version

There’s a wide variety of character customization options, from gender to hairstyle and a wide variety of armor and weapons. You’ll team up with up to three other actual players and head out on quests together. These play like a traditional Dragon Quest, with you all battling monsters. The game features a turn-based battle system with skill gauges.

The game is currently available for download now on iOS and Android. The servers will be going live at 2:00 UTC, February 25th. Check out the official English website for it here.

Dragon Quest of The Stars will include an optional paid monthly subscription called the Star Pass. The pass includes various in-game items like a Star Pass Lucky Chest Draw, stamina refills, luck buffs, etc. Furthermore auto-battle and turbo mode is locked behind this paid monthly subscription which will cost $8.99. Finally, subscribers get exclusive in-app purchases. They are also able to purchase certain items multiple times. as opposed to non-subscribers who can purchase them only once. Additionally, there are other in-app purchases like different kinds of gems. In conclusion, the game is quite heavily pay-to-play.

Square Enix took four years to release the game globally. Since the app store already has plenty of casual RPGs and idle clickers, so it will be interesting to see how Dragon Quest of the Stars captures an audience.

System requirements

The game will need atleast 1 GB of RAM and Android 4.1 and above versions on android to play. Likewise, for iOS, it needs at least iPhone 6, a fourth-generation iPad, or iPad Mini 2.

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Oh look, another mobile cash grab fed by people who stupidly whale out money to show off how pretty they look in their bought armor. They certainly can’t be playing for the cookie cutter stories, the copied and pasted gameplay from so many other titles, or for any sense of accomplishment. Mobile games are slowly choking the industry, and “a mirror” will one day become the only response to their cries of what happened to the gaming industry.


I agree with you about the game. Unfortunately, the blame ultimately lies with the consumer because there are those of us who invest into such games while ignoring amazing premium games that just require a single upfront payment.

That said, there are plenty of good games coming to mobile, especially this year.


Hey. Don’t just blame mobile games. Console/pc games are just as much to blame. Can you remember a time when you’d pay full price for a game, and you’d get the full game? I remember that. Good times. Then games like call of duty come along, and we pay the full price for the game, just to get half the content. We’d shell out a bunch of cash for map packs, and season passes, and that was fine in our eyes. Then they started throwing skins and other esthetic overpriced garbage in there, and we were fine with that too.… Read more »


Well said.

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