Google Stadia finally launches on phones other than Pixels

The latest news coming in from Google which revealed that the Stadia launches on phones other than Pixels. Stadia is a cloud gaming service operated by Google. After the latest announcement, Stadia will be obtainable on plenty of latest smartphones from ASUS, Razer, and Samsung, beginning from February 20, 2020.

According to Google, the phones on which Stadia finally launches other than Pixels will be the Razer Phone 2 and also the Razer Phone. The ASUS ROG Phone & the ASUS ROG Phone II. And also the Samsung Galaxies above S8 and above Note 8. For the full list of devices, please click here.

About Stadia

Stadia is a cloud gaming service operated by Google. Stadia was publicly released on November 19, 2019, in some selected countries and received a mixed response from reviewers. It doesn’t require any additional computer hardware and only requires the device to have a stable Internet connection which also supports Google Chrome. Stadia works like YouTube in streaming media to the user. It is accessible through the Google Chrome web browser on desktop computers. It is also accessible through Pixel smartphones, Chrome OS tablets, and Chromecast.

Stadia now competes with Microsoft’s Project xCloud, Sony’s PlayStation Now service and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. Stadia offers two tiers of service, a free Base level and a monthly subscription Pro level. The Pro tier costs approximately 10 USD per month. It allows users to access higher streaming rates, access a library of free games over time, and get discounts on other games offered for Stadia.

What’s ahead for the users

Stadia will be available for the users on the smartphone other than Google Pixel for the first time in its history. According to notes released by Google, a person will still need a Stadia subscription and a stable Wi-Fi connection. This came after the news of the company announcing as much as 120 video games over the period of 2020.

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