Dungeon Hunter 6 interview confirms the global release is happening in October

Good time ahead for the Dungeon Hunter fans!

gamescom 2023 is going on full form and the fans are getting much-awaited updates on their favorite titles. For Dungeon Hunter 6 fans, we have an awesome update on the official release date, the game’s storyline, character-building process, social features, and more.

We had an interaction with Xin ‘Machine’ Ma, VP of GOAT Games, and Laurent Crozier, Executive Producer at Gameloft to talk about the upcoming Dungeon Hunter 6. In this exclusive interview with GamingonPhone, the spokespersons talked about all things Dungeon Hunter!

Dungeon Hunter 6 will take place 200 years after DH5

GOAT Games has an exclusive licensing deal with Gameloft to develop this newest title in the Dungeon Hunter series. We started with why Dungeon Hunter and not any other IPs considering Gameloft has many popular IPs including the NOVA franchise. While answering that Mr. Machine Ma explained the depth and likeness of the Dungeon Hunter series and also mentioned the loyal fanbase of this classic MMORPG. For a mobile game in the past decade, things were a lot different, and still the game managed to come up with 5 titles and that simply talks about its dedicated fan base and popularity.

The storyline for Dunger Hunter VI, however, will continue after 200 years of Dungeon Hunter V. Mr. Crozier did not reveal much about it concerning spoilers. And it is totally understandable, we would rather wait and explore it on our own. We also discussed whether the game will follow the same style of both PvP and PvE, and yes, those will be there. The game will have story expansion with future updates.

Dungeon Hunter 6
Image via Dungeon Hunter 6 on X

Dungeon Hunter 6 will also have social features and an extensive guild system. For an MMORPG like this, the guild plays an important role and while we talked in brief about it, Mr. Machina Ma confirmed that there will be an extensive social system to keep the players engaged. This will be a rewarding experience as well as provide the players with a sense of belonging.

There will be a Class system and an extensive Arsenal

The game will feature a class-based combat. As of now, there are five classes – Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, and Boon Sister. There will also be Lieutenants for the players to choose from.

Players will have the option to customize their characters with different types of gear and weapons and each of them will have its own rarity. As the players explore the game, they will be rewarded with better equipment and they can also get superior items from raids, boss fights, etc.

We also discussed the game’s monetization system a little, however, it is under wraps for now and going to be a surprise for the fans!

Dungeon Hunter 6 global release is starting in October

As confirmed during the interview by Mr Machine Ma, Dungeon Hunter 6 will start its global release in phases, starting on October 13, 2023. The game will launch in the United States and a few countries in its first phases and then slowly expand to other regions.

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I’m pretty sure there will be no surprise with the monetization system…..

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