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Dungeon Hunter 6: Class Tier List for June 2024

What is the best class?

Dungeon Hunter 6 is an action role-playing game from Gameloft, that continues the tradition of players embarking on epic fantasy adventures to save the realm from diverse threats. As the protagonists, players must face formidable challenges in a captivating world. One of the key features that make Dungeon Hunter games stand out is the variety of character classes available to players. This Class Tier List for Dungeon Hunter 6 assists players in finding the best classes to play and have a strong start in the game.

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Dungeon Hunter 6 Class Tier List for June 2024: Best Classes Ranked

Our tier list showcases the top classes for various playstyles and roles in Dungeon Hunter VI. With approximately five classes to pick from, each excelling in distinct roles and gameplay styles, players have a wide range of options. These classes cover everything from melee to ranged combat and more, each bringing their unique abilities to the table. The inclusion of classes and party options permits players to assume specific roles and collaborate with others to conquer dungeons.

However, it’s important to note that class effectiveness can be influenced by individual playstyle preferences. This means different players may find certain classes more advantageous in specific situations and team setups. To make things easy for players, we’ve categorized the classes into three tiers: Strong (S) and Good (A). This classification helps players quickly understand the abilities of each class and build formidable teams.

Strong (S)Warrior,
Good (A)Assassin
Boon Sister,

We’ve put in a lot of playtime in the game to create a tier list that rates classes according to their skills, ultimate abilities, and primary roles in dungeon clearing. This list is designed to assist newcomers in selecting the most advantageous classes as they start their gaming adventure.

Best Meta Classes in Dungeon Hunter 6 for June 2024

1. Warrior Class

The Warrior class in Dungeon Hunter 6 is the embodiment of strength and resilience, specializing in close-quarters combat. Clad in heavy armor and armed with mighty weapons, Warriors are often at the forefront of battles, fearlessly charging into the fray and protecting their allies.

One of the distinctive traits of the Warrior is their proficiency in dealing “bleed damage” to enemies. Bleed damage is a status effect that causes continuous damage over time, making it particularly effective against foes with high health pools or those that rely on regeneration. This ability allows the Warrior class to wear down tough opponents steadily.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Warrior Class
Image Via GOAT Games

Furthermore, the Warrior class can deal with impressive Area of Effect (AoE) coverage during battles. This means their attacks can hit multiple enemies within a certain radius, making them extremely valuable when facing hordes of foes or clustered groups of enemies.

Players who enjoy being at the forefront of the action, leading the charge, and being the stalwart defenders of their team should choose the Warrior class. This class is ideal for players who relish a more straightforward and aggressive playstyle. They can directly engage enemies in hand-to-hand combat and sustain considerable damage while dishing out powerful blows.

2. Archer Class

The Archer class in Dungeon Hunter is a skilled and precise ranged combatant, wielding bows to deal damage from a distance. Unlike the front-line Warriors, Archers prefer to engage enemies from afar, utilizing their exceptional accuracy to hit targets precisely.

One of the key strengths of Archers is their ability to “kite” enemies. Kiting involves maintaining a safe distance from foes while continuously attacking them. Archers excel at this tactic due to their ranged attacks, allowing them to deal damage without being in immediate danger.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Archer Class
Image Via GOAT Games

Among the notable skills of the Archer class is the ability to shoot arrows that inflict the “slow” status effect on enemies that affects the movement speed of affected enemies. Another powerful skill in the Archer’s arsenal is the ability to shoot arrows into the sky, causing them to rain down on enemies below and inflicting the “freeze” status effect which immobilizes enemies temporarily.

Players who choose the Archer class in Dungeon Hunter can expect a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience. By mastering the art of ranged combat and exploiting their unique skills, Archers can become formidable forces on the battlefield and essential assets to any team, ensuring victory through their precision and cunning tactics.

3. Knight

The Knight class in Dungeon Hunter 6 presents a versatile and potent playstyle, blending offense with defense. With abilities like Leap Attack, Shield Throw, and Knight Flurry, Knights can deal substantial damage to multiple foes while stunning them for crowd control.

A notable aspect is their Chivalrous Blood, which, when maxed, grants Bloodline, enhancing Final DMG Reduction and replenishing XP Skill charge. This enables Knights to sustain themselves while delivering devastating blows.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Knight Class
Image Via GOAT Games

Furthermore, Knights excel in mobility and battlefield control, leaping toward enemies, throwing shields for ongoing damage, and summoning a blood mount for powerful assaults. The mounted status not only boosts damage but also refreshes their skills for continued engagement.

Additionally, their adaptability shines through their ability to handle various scenarios, whether confronting groups or focusing on single targets. Knights are suitable for players who enjoy a dynamic and versatile playstyle, capable of tilting battles in their favor with their blend of offense, defense, and mobility.

4. Assassin Class

The Assassin class in Dungeon Hunter 6 is the epitome of agility and stealth, excelling in precision attacks and high bursts of damage. These nimble fighters rely on swift movements and quick strikes to take down enemies before they even know what hit them.

One of the key strengths of Assassins is their exceptional ability to deal high bursts of damage. They are masters of surprise attacks, often catching opponents off guard and quickly dispatching them with devastating blows. Their agility allows them to maneuver swiftly around the battlefield, making them difficult targets to hit and enabling them to strike from unexpected angles.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Assassin Class
Image Via GOAT Games

Assassins have access to a specialized skill that increases the spray damage of their attacks. This boost in fixed damage enables them to pierce through enemy defenses and deal significant damage, making them particularly deadly against heavily armored foes or powerful enemies.

Players who choose the Assassin class in Dungeon Hunter 6 can expect an exhilarating and tactical gameplay experience. By capitalizing on their agility, stealth, and precision attacks, Assassins can become the ultimate predators, instilling fear into the hearts of their foes and leaving a trail of fallen enemies in their wake.

5. Mage Class

The Mage class in Dungeon Hunter 6 is the epitome of arcane power, harnessing the forces of magic to unleash devastating elemental attacks upon their enemies. As powerful spellcasters, Mages rely on their deep knowledge of the arcane arts to control the battlefield from a distance.

One of the key strengths of Mages is their proficiency in dealing with powerful elemental attacks. They have access to a wide range of spells. They can soften up enemies from a distance before engaging them directly, ensuring they have the upper hand in battles.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Mage Class
Image Via GOAT Games

Among the Mage’s powerful skills is the ability to summon an arcane orb that deals damage to enemies. This summoned orb can serve as an additional source of damage, assisting Mages in dispatching enemies efficiently. Additionally, the Mage possesses the skill to provide an arcane shield that can absorb damage during combat, offering protection and survivability in intense encounters.

Players who enjoy a playstyle focused on casting powerful spells, controlling the battlefield with elemental forces, and dealing significant ranged damage should choose the Mage class. This class rewards players who appreciate strategic positioning and timing, as well as those who enjoy observing enemies’ weaknesses and exploiting them with a wide array of spells.

6. Boon Sister Class

The Boon Sister class in Dungeon Hunter 6 is a unique and fascinating addition to the game, specializing in summoning creatures and harnessing the power of nature to aid them in battle. These mystical characters draw upon the forces of the earth to command creatures, plants, and other materials to fight alongside them.

One of the distinctive traits of the Boon Sister class is their ability to consume spirit seeds and gain stacks of Holiness. Holiness is a resource that empowers their summoning abilities, allowing them to call forth more powerful and diverse creatures to assist them in combat.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Boon Sister Class
Image Via GOAT Games

The Boon Sister class possesses a remarkable skill to summon a tree that not only deals damage to enemies but also removes buffs from foes. This unique ability makes them valuable in disrupting enemy strategies and leveling the playing field during challenging encounters.

Players who enjoy a playstyle centered around summoning and controlling creatures should choose the Boon Sister class. This class rewards players who appreciate the dynamics of having a diverse set of allies in battle, with each summoned creature contributing its strengths and abilities to the fight.

7. Shaman

In Dungeon Hunter 6, Shamans are versatile support characters with strong offensive and defensive skills. They control battles using elemental totems, which not only damage enemies but also buff allies and debuff enemies strategically.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Shaman Class
Image Via GOAT Games

A notable strength of the Shaman class lies in its Elemental Reverberation feature, enhancing both the Shaman’s and their allies’ damage output. By skillfully managing Element Energy and stacking Elemental Reverberation, Shamans can unleash devastating assaults, tipping the scales in their favor. Additionally, Shamans possess healing abilities and damage reduction, making them invaluable in both offensive assaults and defensive stands.

Moreover, Shamans excel in crowd control, boasting skills that can slow enemy movement and stun them, granting their team opportunities to exploit weaknesses. Their capacity to manipulate the battlefield and bolster allies’ efforts renders Shamans indispensable assets in any adventuring party.

How to change class in Dungeon Hunter 6

In Dungeon Hunter 6, once your account reaches level 8, you have the option to choose a second class for your character. This feature allows you to diversify your gameplay experience by incorporating abilities and skills from two different classes into your character’s arsenal.

To choose a second class for your character in Dungeon Hunter 6, follow these steps:

  • Reach level 8 with your account.
  • Select a server and log into the game.
  • Before entering the game world, click on “Character Info” in the top left corner.
  • Choose your character from the list of characters.
  • Select the option to change your character’s class.
  • Choose your second class from the available options.
  • Confirm your selection, and your character will now have access to abilities and skills from both classes.

If you are unable to reach level 8 with your current character, you can also change servers and select a new class during character creation. This allows you to start fresh with a new character and class combination.

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