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EA shares new update on Sims 5 (Project Rene) development; confirms mobile launch once again

The development is on full speed!

Electronic Arts dropped a new update on the development of Sims 5, codenamed Project Rene, while also confirming that the mobile launch is evident. Maxis Studios, the development team behind The Sims, has been actively involving the community in the development process of their upcoming project since the initial days.

The Game Director of The Sims confirms PC and Mobile experiences of Sims 5

The recent post shared by EA gives insights into how the team is involving fans in the development process. Last October, they were testing the early access version of the game, that evaluated interior design, furniture customization, and collaborative interior design. Then too, they used feedback from the players to fix the bugs in the game if any.

The team stated that the insights gained from the initial playtest have already proven to be highly valuable. They believe that the best games are made this way but come with a long, involved process. Despite the initial playtest for Project Rene being conducted on both mobile and PC platforms, there have been discussions and concerns regarding the release of the game on mobile devices. However, there is now confirmation that the highly anticipated title will not exclude mobile players.

Sims 5 playtesting
Image via Electronic Arts

Game Director Grant Rodiek stated: “Project Rene supports both mobile and PC experiences which dramatically expands the complexity of testing. We need to support a wide variety of experiences: simulation, socialization, creative tools for furniture and interior design, creative tools for clothing and characters plus new social experiences.”

In addition to the previous information, Maxis has highlighted the challenges posed by the highly customizable nature of The Sims during playtesting. The team acknowledges the importance of gathering feedback from the community to address these challenges effectively as they plan to conduct more community playtests in the future to actively involve players in the development process.

Episode 2 of Behind The Sims gave further insight into the development

The team at Maxis has provided some insights into the early development stages of Project Rene in the recent Episode 2 of Behind The Sims, specifically focusing on lighting, animation, and hairstyles. Alongside, they have gone through simple prototypes to understand how Sims live at home and in a broader neighborhood.

While Project Rene is still in its early stages of development, it is important to note that the launch of the game is still a long time away. Nevertheless, we would expect another hit title in the Sims franchise given how the implementation is going on.

What are your thoughts as EA shares a new update on Sims 5 development? Let us know in the comments below!

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