eFootball 2024 version 3.2.0 Season 3 update arrives with Co-op PVP, Contract Renewals with GP, and more

A plethora of new features!

A lot to come, and this time, KONAMI isn’t joking around. The latest eFootball 2024 version 3.2.0 Season 3 update titled “Unite on the Pitch” arrives with My League Mode, Co-op PVP, Contract Renewals with GP, and more new features, which will be of great help to increase the user experience. So let us look in detail what are the new additions and updates that are coming with the latest version.

eFootball 2024 version 3.2.0 Season 3 update overview

Introducing My League

If we remember, in the PES PC/console version we had the My League feature that allowed you to create and manage your league with friends or other players. You could set up tournaments, customize the rules, and compete against each other to see who has the best team. It was later removed once PES was rebranded to eFootball in 2022.

eFootball 2024 my league
Image via KONAMI

Well, it is coming back, on mobile as well. This is huge. Not Master League levels, but boy, we finally have a great offline mode. KONAMI is introducing the exciting My League feature, you can engage in national leagues with your dream team, striving for championship glory. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, this new mode enhances the thrill of the game, delivering an immersive experience in every match.

Here you will use your Dream Team to play against AI teams in leagues worldwide. Your goal is to become the league champions. The reward will be through earning My League Points during the season and using them to claim rewards. Key Matches happen regularly, where you face rival clubs and strong teams in fixed Match Level settings, Derbies being an example. These matches offer more My League Points and Experience Points than usual.

eFootball League Revamp

Various changes and adjustments are on the horizon, with a thorough review of the matchmaking system and an expansion of the rating system to encompass more Divisions. The aim is to enhance the overall competitive experience within the eFootball League. The current reward system is something I’m not a fan of, so hopefully the adjustments do take care of this as well.

Introducing Co-op PvP Event

Co-op team selection
Image via KONAMI

Prepare for an exciting addition to Events, the introduction of Co-op gameplay. Whether flying solo or teaming up with friends, players can now face off against other teams, not limited to AI. This is actually pretty challenging given how not all will be playing 3 players in a team, so matchmaking needs to be perfect.

Mini Game – Get an Epic Neymar Card

eFootball 2024 mini game Neymar Jr
Image via KONAMI

Additionally, they have introduced a daily mini-game where users can earn various rewards. This feature runs throughout the season, and by completing the mini-games every day, you’ll unlock a special epic card featuring Neymar Jr. in the Santos version at the end of the season.

Unskippable Goal Celebrations

Well, well. Looks like someone from the eFootball HQ has not been fond of his opponent spamming the celebration button and thanks to that in online matches, a significant adjustment is coming. The number of times a user can perform an unskippable goal celebration will be limited to once per match, fostering a smoother, streamlined, and non-irritating football experience.

Renew Contracts with GP

Image via KONAMI

We will soon have more flexibility when it comes to contract renewals. In addition to the existing Contract Renewal (60 Days) and Contract Renewal (10 Days), users will now have the option to renew player contracts using GP. This is pretty good considering the rarity of tickets in the game, and for those who were worried about the useless stacked GP.

Gameplay Difficulty Adjustments and Training

Adjustments are in the pipeline for the Superstar and Legend Match Levels in VS AI matches. This move is prompted by a desire to address concerns about excessively high ball possession rates that the opponent AI used to take, ensuring a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

Alongside, a new feature is set to allow users to engage in Training mode with Dream Team players, offering a unique and exciting dimension to the gameplay experience.

Other Updates

Here are some other updates that have arrived.

  • Changes to the presentation style for player signings.
  • The layout of the Top Menu has been adjusted.
  • Some players with fixed Live Update Ratings will now experience fluctuations.
  • If users lack players meeting Themed Event Conditions, they’re providing fictitious players as Loan Players.
  • Events with Event Conditions or Player Bonus now consider conditions met if players’ team affiliation or the players themselves align with the specified conditions.
  • Match Time is now displayed on the screen when making player substitutions during a match.
  • The Match time display has been added to the pause screen.

A fantastic update overall, which was much needed to improve the gameplay. The My League is a fantastic addition as we might even get to see KONAMI attempting more of these with the Master League, but not sure when.

What are your thoughts on the eFootball 2024 version 3.2.0 Season 3 update? Are you excited about the events and features? Do let us know in the comments below!

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